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BUSA A MUTU Book 2 Complete Hausa Novel Document by BUSA A MUTU Book 2


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Author: Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini ,

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BUSA A MUTU Book 2 Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini


When the sorcerer Rufyan arrived, Prince Muraisu's attention was immediately captured. He remained transfixed as the sorcerer, with evident frustration, declared, "That's it now. You mean that I will die soon. It will not be long, and if I do not marry Princess Husnaila, there is no one who can free us from the oppressors. Is that it, Huraysu?"

The sorcerer Rufyan, in response to this ominous question, found himself unable to articulate a response. He silently stood, retreated to the other side, and bowed his head. This stirred anger in Prince Muraisu, prompting him to confront Rufyan directly, demanding an explanation for the sorcerer's reluctance to answer his question.

Rufyan, unflinching and devoid of fear, raised his head and replied, "It is a question that has no answer. Sitting here serves no purpose. If you think following the steps to find a wife and waking up Princess Husnaila will lead to success, I can guide you to the edge of our Kirzufa forest. Stay away from him, and both of you enter it. You will not emerge until after three days. Then, we can proceed to Lairuf city to celebrate your birthday."

The weight of Rufyan's words left Prince Muraisu cold, his mind immersed in contemplation. He grappled with the enormity of the task ahead, pondering how he could disperse three hundred thousand troops, especially when conventional weapons seemed ineffective against their bodies. Additionally, the prospect of spending three days in the Kirzufa forest, a feat his father struggled to accomplish in mere hours, perplexed him.

As Muraisu wrestled with these thoughts, a new realization dawned on him. He felt a sense of frustration and anger, not just at the sorcerer Rufyan's apparent disdain for him, but also at the seemingly impossible task set before him. Despite this, he found himself compelled to confront Rufyan once more.

His anger surged as he approached Rufyan, but Mike, a companion, intervened, cautioning against drawing his sword. Mike presented Muraisu with two choices: return home and await the impending conflict, or seek a wife who would bear him a son, ensuring the future freedom of their people. Love, Mike argued, was insufficient to alter destiny, and the inevitability of war and potential defeat loomed over them.

This sobering revelation left Prince Muraisu cold once again, contemplating the harsh reality of his world, particularly the absence of his mother and the precarious fate of his father.

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