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BARIKI NA FITO Part 2 Complete Hausa Novel Document by BARIKI NA FITO Part 2


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Author: Maryam Alhassan Dan Iya (Maryam Obam) ,

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BARIKI NA FITO Part 2 Complete Document Written By Maryam OBAM


Princess Zinatu paced nervously in the living room, clearly in a state of tension.

Princess Amina spoke of adultery, instructing to get blood and spread it on the bed sheet.

Concerned, Zinatu asked where to get the blood, suggesting that they do it on the bed instead of the floor.

Amina advised her to get blood and pour it on her body. Zinatu, anxious, pleaded for help.

Amina promised to call her and hung up. After 30 minutes, Amina asked Zinatu to check the door for a message.

Zinatu received a message from a maid, answering the call and confirming she got the message. Amina instructed her men to proceed.

Zinatu, conflicted, poured blood on her body, contemplating the strange request. She placed the bloodied shirt on the bed.

Fearful, she wondered if a man could recognize a woman's virginity without marriage. Confused, she acknowledged that the prince was a gynecologist, aware of the intricacies of a woman's body.

After returning home, she received a call from Prince, but she ignored it, feeling a sense of guilt. The Prince persisted, making inappropriate comments. She contemplated the consequences of her actions and worried about the judgment of the man she loved.

Hjy Habiba, sitting with Hjy Umaima, expressed her worries about her son Farhan. Umaima inquired about the possible issues between Farhan and his love interest.

Habiba revealed her jealousy and concerns, fearing she might ruin her son's life. Umaima reassured her, urging her to enjoy life and dispel baseless accusations.

Later, Umaima received a mysterious phone number and pondered its origin. Jamcy, Umaima's son, suggested going for another round, but Umaima needed a break. She shared her thoughts about Jamcy with Habiba.

Umaima called the mysterious number and learned it was Haulat, who revealed secrets about Habiba's feelings. Umaima realized her own growing affection for Haulat.

After Farhan's return, Umaima considered her complex emotions and relationships. Jamcy proposed another encounter, and Umaima struggled with her desires.

Haulat, upon returning, shared her observations and suspicions with Umaima about Habiba's feelings. Umaima confronted Habiba, and the two had a heartfelt conversation about their emotions.

The intricate relationships and emotions unfolded, creating a complex web of love, jealousy, and longing.

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