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BADAKALA Complete Hausa Novel Document by BADAKALA


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BADAKALA Hausa Novel Document by Samira Harouna

Badakala is a novel written by Samira Haruna that narrates the story of Junaid, a young man who is in love with a girl named Maryam but faces obstacles from his grandmother who insists on him marrying a girl of her choice, whom Junaid does not love.

The novel is set in a typical Hausa setting with relatable characters, cultural practices, and beliefs. Samira Haruna skillfully weaves a story that captures the heart and mind of the reader, taking them on an emotional journey of love, family, and culture.

Description of BADAKALA Hausa Novel


The central theme of the novel is the conflict between tradition and modernity. Junaid's grandmother, a staunch believer in tradition, is determined to ensure that Junaid marries the girl of her choice, who comes from a wealthy and respected family. On the other hand, Junaid is a modern young man who wants to marry Maryam, a girl he loves and who shares his modern outlook on life.

The conflict between tradition and modernity is a common theme in African literature, and Samira Haruna's Badakala adds to the growing body of literature exploring this theme. Through the characters of Junaid and his grandmother, the author highlights the challenges faced by young people in African societies who are caught between the pressures of tradition and the desire for modernity.

One of the strengths of the novel is its well-developed characters. Junaid is a relatable character, and the reader can easily sympathize with his predicament. Maryam is also a well-rounded character, and the reader can understand why Junaid loves her. Junaid's grandmother is a formidable character who represents the older generation and their rigid adherence to tradition. The other supporting characters, such as Junaid's parents, Maryam's family, and Junaid's friends, are also well-developed and add depth to the story.

Another strength of the novel is its exploration of the role of women in African societies. Maryam is a strong and independent woman who refuses to be forced into a marriage she does not want. The novel also highlights the importance of education for women, and Maryam's determination to further her education is an inspiring example for young women.

The language and style of the novel are also worth mentioning. The author uses simple and concise language, which makes the novel easy to read and understand. The use of Hausa language and proverbs adds authenticity to the story, and the author's skillful use of imagery and symbolism enhances the reader's experience.

However, the novel does have some weaknesses. The plot is predictable, and the outcome is expected from the beginning. The novel could also benefit from more in-depth exploration of some of the supporting characters, such as Maryam's family.


He had been up since dawn, unable to sleep because of the anxiety that had been gnawing at him for days. Today was the day he would ask for Maryam's hand in marriage, the girl he had been in love with for years. He had spent the past week preparing for this moment, practicing what he would say and how he would say it. He had even gone to the market to buy a beautiful ring to present to her.

But as he stood there, looking out at the beautiful scenery, his heart sank. He knew that his grandmother would not approve of his choice. She had always been a staunch believer in tradition, and she had already chosen a girl from a wealthy and respected family for him to marry. Junaid did not love this girl, but he knew he would have to marry her if his grandmother had her way.

Junaid's father, Ibrahim, emerged from the house and greeted him warmly. "Good morning, my son. What brings you up so early?"

Junaid turned to his father, his heart heavy. "I am going to ask for Maryam's hand in marriage today, Baba."

Ibrahim's face lit up with joy. "That's wonderful news, my son. Maryam is a beautiful girl, and I know she will make you happy. But you know your grandmother will not approve of this."

Junaid nodded. "I know, Baba. But I cannot marry someone I do not love."

Ibrahim placed a reassuring hand on Junaid's shoulder. "I understand, my son. But you know how important tradition is to your grandmother. Let us hope that she will see reason and allow you to marry the woman you love."

Junaid nodded again, hoping against hope that his father was right. As he turned to leave, his heart was heavy with the knowledge that his future lay in the hands of his grandmother, a woman who had always been set in her ways. He could only pray that she would see reason and allow him to marry the woman he loved.

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