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AMINIYA TACE Complete Hausa Novel Document by AMINIYA TACE


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Added On: 01, Sep 2023

Author: Maryam Alhassan Dan Iya (Maryam Obam) ,

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Zeena sat in the classroom, talking to her father with evident dissatisfaction. She was attempting to explain math problems to him, but he seemed completely oblivious, lost in his own thoughts. She appeared distant, almost lost in the clouds when her name was suddenly called, snapping her back to reality. She looked up, smiled, and hugged her friend, Mysha, who had just arrived.

"Hi, friend! Why are you late today? I thought you might not come," Zeena greeted Mysha.

Mysha smiled and replied, "Sorry, Zeena. I accompanied my dad to the airport. The driver dropped me off here."

Their math teacher interrupted them, urging, "Zeena and Mysha, please focus. This is a financial school, and though the children aren't restrained, the teachers avoid confrontation as the school has a unique atmosphere. Everyone is cautious not to hurt the students."

Zeena apologized, saying, "Sorry, sir," and the teacher continued managing the class. Before long, someone else entered the room, and when the break came, Zeena and Mysha left for the school's cafeteria.

As they reached the school restaurant, they noticed a variety of colorful snacks. Seeing the opportunity, Zeena grabbed some ice cream while Mysha chose cookies. They found a table, placed their food down, and sat to enjoy their snacks.

Mysha turned to Zeena and began, "Zeena, do you know what?"

Zeena responded, "No, what is it?"

Mysha hesitated but then continued, "Daddy mentioned something to me. He said that he plans to marry me once I'm at Gama Secondary School."

Zeena rolled her eyes and exclaimed, "What? Are you serious? Mysha, you're joking, right?"

Mysha's expression remained serious as she explained, "No, Zeena, he's not joking. He's been saying this for a while now, and Daddy even mentioned it to Abu. He's serious."

Zeena empathetically sighed and said, "Oh, Mysha, you don't take anyone seriously. Who are you planning to marry now?"

Mysha pondered for a moment and replied, "That's what I've been thinking too. I keep feeling like I should have a boyfriend, someone I truly love. Who are you going to marry, Zeena?"

Zeena shrugged, "I honestly don't know the answer to that either. Are you saying that now, you're told who you'll marry, and that's it? You'll marry them, even if you haven't met them?"

Mysha grinned and responded, "Well, isn't that what's happening to you now? Didn't you hear Kawo calling you 'my prince' earlier?"

Zeena chuckled, "Just a figure of speech, Mysha."

As they continued chatting, a boy named Afraz approached them with a playful grin and said, "Hello, girls. I see you're changing your preferences again. Which girl do you like today, Zeena? I'm curious."

Zeena, annoyed by Mysha's playful tease, stood up and attempted to leave, saying, "Mysha, you better stop this nonsense! How dare you? I was talking, and you interrupted. Stand up so I can pass."

Mysha playfully glanced at Afraz and said, "Come on, Afraz. Am I not handsome?"

Mysha admitted, "You are, in fact, no girl can resist your charm."

Afraz, delighted with the compliment, replied, "Thank you!" Then, he shifted his attention to Zeena, who was clearly upset. Zeena confronted him, saying, "You need to stop this, Afraz! How dare you! I don't want to see you again."

Afraz was taken aback and stopped in his tracks. He was used to being admired by girls, but Zeena's stern words were a first. As Zeena walked away with Mysha at her side, she shot a final warning, "Just so you know, Afraz, I really dislike you. I despise everything about you. In fact, I don't even want to see you."

Afraz, humiliated in front of others, felt a wave of anger and humiliation wash over him. He had always been popular among girls, and today, a girl had publicly rejected him. He managed to regain his composure, but his pride was wounded. Eventually, he left the school, heading to the Sheraton Hotel, where he booked a room. He lay down with red eyes, replaying Zeena's words in his mind. He couldn't focus on anything else.

The next morning, he headed to his car, grabbed a bottle of codeine, and placed it nearby. He fell asleep for a while but woke up and took the codeine. 

When Zeena and Mysha arrived at school, Mysha inquired, "Zeena, do you know who Afraz is, and what he's capable of?"

Zeena, keeping her emotions in check, questioned, "Why do you ask, Mysha?"

Mysha said hesitantly, "I'm afraid of Afraz. I don't know what he might do."

Zeena reassured her, "Don't worry, Mysha. He won't do anything. I'm stronger than him

. Besides, we don't even go to the same school. Abuja is a small town, and I don't run into him anymore."

Mysha was concerned but understood Zeena's point. Afraz had a reputation for being charming but unable to handle rejection. They continued walking, eventually reaching their homes. Mysha said goodbye to Zeena and headed home, feeling a sense of unease.

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