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AMATOU Complete Hausa Novel Document by AMATOU


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Amina Garba Isma'i and Maryam Garba Isma'i come from a family rooted in Kanawa, not as newcomers, but as natives. Their father is a well-known businessman in the community, especially admired for his exceptional skills in selling bags of food. He is known for his generous nature, often providing goods without seeking excessive profit. However, when pushed, he can command high prices for his products due to his popularity. His affordable and readily available goods attract a multitude of customers.

His extensive education led to his appointment as a Permanent Secretary (PS). He has two wives, the first of whom gave birth to seven children, six boys and one girl. Unfortunately, one child did not survive childbirth. The second wife, Amatu, became a widow after the passing of her husband. Amatu's firstborn, Wanda, is five years old, while Amatu herself was pregnant when she tragically lost her life seven months into the pregnancy. The shock of losing their mother deeply affected the children. They grieved for seven days, with even the women among them mourning, though they did so differently. The man remained composed but displayed his own unique reactions. He had been married to their mother and loved her deeply, but their relationship had soured over time.

Jealousy and strife had crept into their family dynamic, making their situation more painful. The children struggled to cope with these emotions, unable to control them. In the end, their father intervened, imposing restrictions on Amatu, which only fueled their resentment towards her. Even after her passing, Dan Amatu CE searched for her father, informing him that their mother had been awake for some time before passing away. Her father left his chair immediately, and they both left for her room. Fili noticed the tension, but he did not understand the situation. Amina was present, and her body moved strangely, but the father remained puzzled by the unfolding events.

However, he didn't dwell on it and asked Amina to fetch her mother's phone. When she returned with it, she explained that it was her mother's friend on the line. This surprising revelation left him momentarily speechless. Soon after, Mahmud, a visitor, arrived at their home and entered the parlor. He was a stranger to the children, but after a polite greeting, he was invited in. Amatu stood by the door as Mahmud entered the room. Mahmud was taken aback by the sight of Amatu and exclaimed, "Wow, Mahmud!" He then glanced at Amina and continued, "Aminatu, dear, please go to your room. We need to take your mother to the hospital." Amina calmly left the room.

After she left, their father turned to Mahmud and expressed his concerns, suspecting that their mother might not be alive. He uttered, "Innallillahi wainna ilaihiraru'un yanxu Mahmud, I think we should take her to the hospital to see if she is alive." Everyone gathered, and they took their mother for a medical examination. Sadly, the doctor confirmed that she had passed away during the night. This news brought profound grief to the family, as she had been alive just the day before.

One week later, their father tasked them with caring for themselves. They managed their own meals and drinks, with Amina often asking if she was their mother. Over time, she began wandering around the neighborhood, reliving her childhood memories. However, after a month, she seemed to forget this promise. Six months later, their father met with a tragic accident on his way from Kano to Kaduna. This marked a turning point for the family, as the responsibility of managing their affairs shifted to Mahmud. The inheritance, including their mother's bed, was entrusted to him, despite the family's hesitation to let him handle it. The burden was heavy, and the family faced challenges, as their mother's relatives were not in a strong position to support them, leaving them feeling abandoned by those around them. Responsibilities were dodged by many, as they sought to distance themselves from the family's troubles.

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