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AL'ADUN WASU Complete Hausa Novel Document by AL'ADUN WASU


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Author: Batul Mamman ,

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AL'ADUN WASU Complete Document Written By Batul Mamman


Mal Bashir, a seasoned man of about fifty-eight, made his way through a line of children, who gleefully hailed him as the "Father of the children." This familiar chant had become a routine, yet he refrained from sharing the sorrowful tale that accompanied his disfigured hand.

One of his hands, marred by the cruel bite of a rope that had fallen on him, had severed his fingers, rendering it lifeless. Despite enduring immense suffering and the medical advice to amputate, Mal Bashir, a dedicated carpenter, continued to persevere in his work.

With resilience etched on his face, he opened his pocket, retrieved medicine, and handed out candies to the delighted children. He pressed on with a smile, encountering a young man in the line who, upon realizing the identity of the "Father of the children," hastily informed his companions.

Approaching them, Mal Bashir greeted, but the young man named Sani remained silent. Anas, attempting to defuse tension, suggested offering Mal Bashir a drink. However, Mal Bashir, noting Sani's reluctance, warned him of the consequences of jeopardizing his father's health. Anas reassured that they wouldn't repeat such actions.

Addressing them with a mix of frustration and concern, Mal Bashir admonished them, cautioning that youthful indiscretions often cast long shadows into adulthood. Sani's smile wavered as he absorbed the wisdom.

At the entrance of his carpentry shop, Mal Bashir exchanged greetings with Munkaila, the shopkeeper. Handing over a hundred naira, Mal Bashir learned that Zuhra had borrowed money earlier for her exam results. Munkaila thanked him, but Mal Bashir, having not seen Zuhra all day, grew uneasy.

Upon entering his home, Mal Bashir discovered an eerie silence. Zuhra, frantically attempting to dispose of something, abruptly interrupted her actions upon hearing her father's voice. Mal Bashir, sensing trouble, questioned her well-being.

Zuhra, feigning innocence, apologized and concocted a story about Umma's odd behavior. Mal Bashir, perplexed, inquired about Zuhra's exam results. Umma, seemingly confused, pointed to papers brought by Hajara. As Mal Bashir inspected the results, rage and disappointment surged within him.

In an unexpected twist, he discovered Zuhra's pregnancy, realizing that she was expecting at the age of 48. Shocked and angered, he confronted Zuhra, who had taken refuge in the bathroom. The atmosphere was charged as he demanded an explanation, and Zuhra, hesitant and sweaty, emerged to face the consequences of her actions, realizing that today, her father looked at her like a stranger.

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