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AKAN KUDI Complete Hausa Novel Document by AKAN KUDI


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AKAN KUDI Complete Document Written By Sherntee Ghayu


"Ummah Kinga, I've grown weary of waiting. When a man enters your room, it's like encountering a witch," remarked Sega. Ummah, glancing at a young girl with a keypad in hand, responded, "Oh, the eight hairs are already gone." Sega, a beautiful young woman with a natural glow, emerged from the kitchen without any makeup. "If she wasn't 9 red, she'd still be a beautiful Arab girl like Quraysh," added Ummah with a playful tone.

In the kitchen, a maiden named Maryam was urged to wake up promptly by the beautiful royal figure. Ummah, inquiring about the school fees, mentioned, "Today is the daughter of the Badiyya family; that's why I want to go." After exchanging greetings and prayers, they left.

Highlighting their college activities, the group studied Sanda and faced consequences for arriving late to a meeting. Later, during a break at 10:20 am, students engaged in various games. Some SS3 students gathered in a classroom, discussing a book titled "Marriage in the Month of Tara." Spincy, having finished the book, sparked a conversation with her peers.

Maryam expressed her interest in the book, revealing that the author of "The Secret of Love" concluded a book between MD and XAHRA. Spincy promised to find the book for her but emphasized that once she finished reading it, it would be her own truth. The group engaged in a light-hearted discussion until the bell signaled the resumption of classes.

As they dispersed, Sarauta and Maryam contemplated riding a napep (commercial tricycle). Sarauta, refusing to lend money, explained her perspective on wealth. The conversation continued until Sarauta declared that money is a gift from God and not destruction. Tired, Maryam went home to find Ummah ready, knowing that Kurum had already left.

Note: The text provided contains some colloquial language and cultural references that may be specific to a particular context or region.

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