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ABU UKU Complete Hausa Novel Document by ABU UKU


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Author: Oum Aphnan ,

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ABU UKU Complete Document Written By Oum Aphnan



On a dark stormy night, the quietness was broken only by the sound of passing vehicles. The residents of Ilahirin prepared to seek refuge from the day's fatigue, anticipating the promised rain. The wind blew vigorously, signaling an imminent storm, and signs of flooding emerged.

Caught in the deluge, I sought shelter, uncertain when the rain would relent. Along the road, a striking black and white Mercedes GLK model with bright headlights grabbed my attention. Aseem, a 37-year-old man, sat in the driver's seat, observing a girl standing in front of the car, her face adorned with heavy makeup.

Despite the late hour, her makeup reflected like a mirror, highlighting a foundation, bronzer, and red Jambaki gloss. Aseem questioned her destination, to which she replied she had no choice but to seek shelter. Aseem offered to spend the night caring for her, earning a smile from the girl.

Later, she retrieved her bag and thanked Aseem in a flirtatious manner before rejoining her friends. In the afternoon, Aseem rested in his car when Tasneem, another woman, approached in her vehicle.

Tasneem engaged Aseem in conversation, expressing surprise at seeing him and teasing him about his luxurious car. She playfully complimented his appearance, touching his scarred hand. The exchange took an unexpected turn when Tasneem mentioned buying roasted fish.

As they conversed, Tasneem suggested meeting for lunch the next day, but Aseem seemed bothered. Trying to mend things, she complimented his wealth and promised to find another beautiful girl for him. Aseem handed her money for fish, and she left, blowing him a kiss and expressing gratitude.

Aseem, left alone, smiled, contemplating the unique encounter with Tasneem and her distinctive attitude. The narrative unfolds, capturing the intriguing dynamics between these characters, framed against the backdrop of a stormy night.

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