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RANA DAYA Complete Hausa Novel Document by RANA DAYA


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RANA DAYA Hausa Novel Document by MieMiebee

RANA DAYA is a captivating Hausa love novel written by Miemiebee that will have readers glued to its pages from the very first word. The novel is a compelling tale of love, loss, and the challenges of finding happiness in a society that often frowns upon unconventional relationships. The story centers around the main characters, Afzal and Amal, who find themselves in a complicated situation that threatens to tear them apart.

Description of Rana daya Hausa Novel

In the opening scene, Amal is upset with Afzal for causing her a loss, and she is frustrated by his attempts to make amends. However, despite her initial reluctance, she eventually agrees to go with him to his house. Along the way, they face numerous challenges, including Amal's wounded leg and the dilapidated state of the roads. Despite these obstacles, they push on, driven by their mutual desire to be together.

As they near Afzal's house, Amal is struck by its humble appearance. The house is small and rundown, with only two rooms and a basic kitchen. Despite its modest size, it is clear that Afzal has put a lot of effort into making it a home. As they enter, they are greeted by Afzal's mother, Mami, who is initially hostile towards Amal. However, as she gets to know her better, she begins to see that Amal is a kind and caring person who truly loves her son.

Despite their growing affection for each other, Afzal and Amal must navigate numerous obstacles in their quest for happiness. Society does not approve of their relationship, and they face constant criticism and judgment from those around them. They are also forced to confront their own fears and doubts, as they struggle to trust each other and overcome the traumas of their past.

Throughout the novel, Miemiebee explores the complex themes of love, loss, and sacrifice. She portrays the struggles of her characters with great sensitivity and depth, creating a story that is both compelling and emotionally resonant. As readers follow the journey of Afzal and Amal, they will be drawn into a world of love, heartbreak, and redemption, as they witness the power of human connection in the face of adversity.


She yelled at me, accusing me of causing her loss while she was sitting and arresting her. She asked if I planned to arrest her again and make her take me home. She was upset that her son had come to her for help, and I had treated her poorly. She begged me to let her go and told me that she wouldn't pay for the loss she caused me. She promised to return everything to me but pleaded with me to take her home.

Afzal told her that he had other important matters to attend to and apologized to his parents for inconveniencing them. Sanyata sat in the front seat, and they drove to the hospital. Afzal parked the car, and they both got out. Sanyata was limping and had difficulty walking. Afzal tried to help her, but she refused. They went back to where he asked her to write a list of missing items and gave her the money. He thought about taking her to the market, but he knew it would be difficult for her. He gave her the money and asked her to accept the comparison of their houses without argument.

As they drove, Afzal realized that his car had been damaged by the potholes and needed repairs. They reached a junction, and Sanyata asked him to stop. She tried to open the door, but she couldn't. Afzal got out of the car, walked around, and opened the door for her. He helped her out of the car and asked her to hand him the tray.

Sanyata felt embarrassed and ashamed, but Afzal smiled and told her not to worry. He crossed his arms on his wide chest and watched her struggle. He helped her get out of the car and rudely escorted her to their house, which was not far from where he parked.

Their arrival caused a commotion, and people were angry with them. They destroyed Amal's house, which was small and had only two rooms in a row. The kitchen was at one end, and there was a toilet at the other end. There was a tap in the middle of the house that they used to fetch water.

Mami came out of the kitchen and watched Afzal and Sanyata through the window. Salati went inside to see what was happening, and she thought it was a disaster.

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