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ABDOUL NASSER ALFAH Complete Document Written By Mrs BB


There was a significant traffic congestion on the central park road, leading to several cars being stuck in a gridlock. Some drivers abandoned their vehicles to investigate the cause. I stepped out to assess the situation. Amidst the chaos, I struggled to shield my eyes, maneuvering through the crowd to reach a certain spot. And there, to my astonishment, I saw a striking man lying on the ground, drenched in blood. Even as the blood marred his face and chest, his innate beauty remained apparent. It was as if, even to the touch of the blind, the essence of beauty transcended, highlighting the profound nature of his being.

Turning to my companions, I lamented, "He is one of ours, but there is no one here to assist in transporting him away." No one paid heed except for a man who knelt beside the bloodied figure, weeping and running his fingers through his hair. He implored the bystanders, "Please, take my husband to the hospital. I cannot manage alone. Please ensure he receives proper care. He's not breathing."

A burly figure interjected, "He isn't a member of ALH MAINAH's family. We will assist this unfortunate lad. Perhaps it will serve him some good, for even his parents seem to have forsaken him, unwilling to entangle themselves in his affairs. It's as if they'd prefer his demise, deeming it fitting for someone of his ilk, merely a child."

Rumors swirled about the young man, lying unconscious for an extended period. The man cradling him beseeched for help, but none came forth. He left him by the roadside, weeping and murmuring, "God is with you, *Alfah*. God willing, you will pull through. Every living being faces trials, and you shall too. God will grant you the strength to persevere."

Flagging down a passing taxi by some stroke of providence, they swiftly loaded the limp form inside and rushed off to the hospital without delay. Urgency filled the air as they arrived, frantically urging for swift action. Yet, the caretaker of this incapacitated soul remained silent, longing only to witness his friend's return to consciousness. He purchased a card and meticulously jotted down the essentials, swiftly withdrawing the necessary funds from the pharmacy ATM.

"Don't fret, *ALFAH*. You will awaken, unharmed. No matter your affinity for death, your appointed time will not be now. Enduring may be tough, and I'm unsure when you'll comprehend my message. Even in death, you cannot be certain of encountering the joy you forfeited in this life. All is transient, no condition permanent." His companion, akin to Alfah, possessed the world as his privilege and possession, sharing in all that evoked both joy and sorrow.

Gathering himself, he rose swiftly, wiping his tear-streaked face and uttered in a hushed tone, "Doctor, he's stirred and regained consciousness. There's no cause for alarm."

The doctor beamed, "Take heart, your brother is alive. But let's step into my office. I have something important to discuss with you, something grave." Leading the way, he quickened his pace, the doctor's hand gently resting on his shoulder, guiding him into the office.


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