NOOR AL HAYAT Complete Document Written By Khaleesat haidar


The voice of the old woman who is more than fifty years old in the world filled the room, she was shaking the young man who was twenty-eight years old, who was lying on the bed in the room, she kept saying “Are you okay son, open ur eyes, Aliyuuuu ka Open your eyes, what’s ur problem….. It’s some kind of dream, this is me Fatima” then suddenly he opened his eyes in panic and stood up and followed the room and looked at his heaving chest, he looked at his mother who was watching him. He couldn’t say anything, he lowered his eyes in a cold voice and said, “Motherrr…” She grabbed his hand, her face was clearly worried, and said, “What’s ur problem, Aliyu? What’s your problem, tell me, are you sick?” he opened his eyes and looked at her, a voice down there said “pray for me mum… I don’t knw, I just can’t have rest of mind, may be….” Then he was silent and his tears His eyes narrowed, he said “I am your mother, Aliyu, do you have a friend to tell me your worries all over the world except me, tell me where you’ve gone wrong, what wrong have you done, tell me Aliyu” he cleared his mouth His forehead rested on her shoulders and he slowly said, “Just pray for me, my ummah.” She raised her head and said, “That’s why you didn’t tell me, didn’t you?” He was silent and looked at her with his big eyes, then he closed them slowly and opened them and said “I will continue praying mum, it’s not even worth saying kema ki taya ni…” Again she stood up and went to the door and he followed her. before she left he slowly said “Ur prayers plss mum…” She didn’t hesitate and left, he looked at the clock at two o’clock in the morning and calmly went into the bathroom.

*5 years later*

She hurriedly finished putting the cup and spoon she had washed and came out of the kitchen and turned off the electronics in the parlor. Her body is a small red dress and flat shoes are also red, because she is not good at hill, her height is also red. You said that she didn’t apply pink lipstick, but the pinkness of her lips is full of lips, she herself thinks her lips are unique, but who cares?? After a while, she opened the door and came out holding the key that she used to close the door of her apartment. There was a young man standing at the door next to her apartment. He also appeared to be locking the door. He is very tall because they are called and gentlemen, and despite her height, she looked small next to him, he looked more like an Egyptian or Ethiopian, looking at the color of his hair and the color of his hair, there was a black shade in his eyes that stood out from the length of his nose, his face was tight Anuri, she slowly got down and let him go, he finished closing his door and turned without looking at where she was and went to the parking space, she followed him and she couldn’t understand whether he forgot to fix his belt or ass down, she let go of her mouth and saw of course the ass down, she took her head full of frustration at the same compound they had to do with him. He is the new tenant of the apartment next to hers after her good neighbor Nancy woke up, since she woke up she was praying to God that he was not a man. She has been away from the country for three weeks since they went on vacation and she returned yesterday evening. She finally closed the door and went out to get a taxi to take her to the University of Cambridge in the country. They came out of school with her friend Vanessa at two o’clock. They have been together since her first year until they went to their third year since they are only a few months old. Vanessa had to wait for her friend to take a taxi after she informed him. He took her to Bridge street before she waved her hand and said “See yah pretty” she smiled at her and waved her hand from the taxi and said “Alryt love” until they reached home her mind was not with her and she was far away in her thoughts. until the voice of the Indian who was driving the taxi brought her back to the world of thoughts she had entered, she came out and handed him his money and entered the house, she quickly entered her apartment after opening it, although she did not see the sign that he was in the house because there is no car in his storage. She started taking a bath and then she went into the kitchen to prepare what she wanted to eat. Noodles was the only thing left in the house, so she boiled water and went in to mix it. She was looking at the gym clothes that her father had left on the side of his flat. Since she came back, she came out of the backyard of her flat. she closed her door, she finished eating indomie, went to her room and went to bed, she pulled her phone to check the clock on the window, it was five minutes to three, she put the phone down so that the person she wanted to call was still at school, she blinked. She did not wake up from sleep

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