NAJWA Complete Document Written By Maryam S Indabawa


The expansive living room was designed with sleek black and white furnishings, complemented by water-themed decorations, creating an atmosphere of serenity. She sat on the couch, her son lying on her lap as she gently stroked his hair. He possessed a small mouth that perfectly suited his features. Towering in stature with a broad chest, large eyes, and a lengthy nose, his small mouth was offset by full, Indian-like eyebrows.

“Mama, I’ll be out this week for a friend’s party,” he exclaimed, to which Mama replied, “Naki, I don’t know what to say for that week. Let’s go.”

“I’m sorry, Mom!” Najib responded, lifting his leg.

“Ahh, how have you been?” Mama inquired.

“I know I’ll be back in two weeks,” he reassured her.

“Ah, I broke that too,” Mama said, noticing his troubled expression.

Najib pleaded, “Mama, please listen.”

Mama smiled and quipped, “So that’s what I’ll tell your dad about what we did.”

Chuckling, he noted that even Daddy had seemingly left. “I’ll find him first,” he declared.

Kawai smiled. “When will you find a wife, Najib?”

Najib grinned, responding, “Mama, you know. I’m awaiting your prayers. May God grant me the one I seek.”

Mama’s smile broadened as she replied, “That’s Najib! We pray every day, except when we are waiting.”

Najib laughed and replied, “Yes, Mama. Mama, I want to find a good woman who will nurture my children.”

“God bless you, Najib,” she prayed.

“Amen! You need to be discerning in choosing a wife, someone who can provide a good upbringing for your children.”

“By Allah, Mama, finding a virtuous girl isn’t easy, someone who possesses intelligence and composure,” Najib acknowledged.

“Insha’Allah! I wish for you to have righteous offspring. May God grant you a good wife,” Mama concluded.

He turned to look at her and declared, “Amen, Mama. Let me go take a bath, and I’ll leave.”

“Very well, Najib.”

He exited and made his way to his private living space, a single bedroom adjoined with a bathroom. The room was currently undergoing renovations, emanating a fresh, white ambiance. After bathing and performing ablutions, he emerged, anointing his body with fragrant oil and spritzing himself with cologne. Clad in white jeans, a white T-shirt, and white boots, he adorned himself with a wristwatch and doused himself in additional perfume before returning to the living room, where he settled next to his mother.

Mama glanced at him and remarked, “Indeed, my son’s splendor shines brighter. You look good, my child.”

Najib beamed, responding, “Thank you, Mama. I’m off.”

“You know the rule, son,” Mama teased.

He chuckled, replying, “Yes, Mama, except for her. If I find her, you’ll be the first to know.”

“God willing,” she replied.

He straightened up, offering his cheek to her, and she kissed him. With a smile, he stated, “Thank you, Mom. I’ll be back.”

The spacious entrance of the house accommodated at least ten cars. He made his way to a gleaming vehicle, where the house driver greeted him with warmth, “Welcome, Alhaji’s son.”

Najib responded with a smile, “It’s been a while.”

“I’ll be going around town,” he continued.

The driver nodded, “I’ll wait for you.”

“Thank you, Alhaji’s family. May God protect you and bring you back safely.”

“Amen, here you go,” he replied, handing the driver some money.

“It’s nothing,” the driver assured as he opened the car door for Najib.

As he drove off, the guard at the gate bid him farewell, “Hello, Alhaji’s son. May God protect you.”

“Amen, thank you. Carry on with your duties.”

“Of course, Alhamdulillah.”

“Here, have some nuts.”

“Thank you, may God increase your blessings.”

“Amen!” With that, he departed.


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