MUWADDAT Complete Document Written By Aisha A Bagudo


Ayshatul Muwaddat lay on her comfortable bed, reminiscently referred to as “Italy.” Although she wasn’t sleeping, her mind was occupied with thoughts of Muhammad, who held a special place in her heart. She couldn’t help but ponder about Saba, whose presence had slipped away, leaving her with a sense of longing. Her thoughts revolved around Muhammad’s every detail – from his clothing and physique to his way of life. His voice resonated in her mind, and she was captivated by the unique sound of it. She suddenly dropped her phone, which lay on the bedside, as she frantically searched for Muhammad’s contact.

When Muhammad called, she was overwhelmed by his cold yet penetrating voice. Her heart raced, and she felt a strong emotional connection with him. Despite their silence during the call, the unspoken emotions enveloped them. Finally, Muhammad found the courage to speak, sensing that Ayshatul had something to share with him. He encouraged her to express her worries, assuring her that he wanted to be there for her.

As Ayshatul tried to respond, her heart and mind seemed at odds, making it challenging to put her feelings into words. Eventually, she managed to speak, saying she only wanted to say hello and denying that she missed him. But Muhammad, aware of her true feelings, playfully teased her, suggesting that her heart was hiding the truth.

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