MUNAYA MALEEK Complete Document Written By NoorEeman


**Tuesday, 8:00 p.m.**

In a melodic voice intertwined with movement, a six-year-old girl standing by the battered doorway of a room pleaded, “Don’t leave me alone at home! We are the children of God!” Tears streamed down her face, creating a heart-wrenching scene.

Muna, the girl in the attic named Muna, approached calmly. Kneeling down, she attempted to wipe away the tears that welled up in the eyes of the distressed girl named Amnah. “Amnah, hush. I won’t be gone for too long. Your well-being makes finding a job challenging for me. Remember that. Do you want to get better?”

Amnah, with rolling eyes, muttered, “I’m sooo…” Munaya, grabbing Amnah’s dry and frail hand, said, “Then stop crying. I’ll be back. There’s cocoa in the room if you’re hungry. Have a drink. Stay put.”

As Munaya exited, she adjusted her hat, revealing her bare head due to Amnah’s laziness in hair care.

After composing her thoughts, she shared, “I pay no attention to them, Khairat. After playing, they call me names. They ask for favors. Do you want it?”

Amnah’s cheers briefly calmed Munaya’s soul. Gathering courage, Munaya left, leaving behind the sound of Amnah’s cries. Munaya, the only sister until her death, had no choice but to embark on a job search, hoping God would ease her path.

If the control of power, wealth, and all infrastructures rested in the hands of a benevolent force, it would likely be more compassionate than any human in alleviating the struggles faced by people. However, such control was already in the hands of the affluent. From the time Munaya comprehended the value of humanity over material possessions, her aspiration to become rich stemmed not from a desire for respect but from the necessity to provide for her ailing sister.

Praying for assistance, she noticed a towering building across the street: *A.A DAWOOD MOTORS*. Determined, she approached, undeterred by passing vehicles. The guard, clad in a blue shirt and trousers, scrutinized her appearance. Munaya, with dirt-covered slippers and a tattered black jacket, pleaded for a job.

The guard, after a hearty laugh, dismissed her, stating the company only hired individuals with degrees. Crushed, Munaya implored, prompting a surprise response from the guard.

Later, two men, Maleek and Shakur, discussed her fate. Maleek hesitated, disapproving of Munaya’s appearance, but eventually agreed to give her a chance.

“Nura, Nura, what’s this? Did you bring a beggar here? Are you trying to lose your job?” questioned a young woman named Habibah.

Nura explained that Shakur instructed him to bring Munaya to wait in Maleek’s office. The gossiping continued as Nura returned to work.

Unfazed by the gossip, Munaya prayed silently as she waited for Maleek and Shakur. Twenty minutes later, curiosity led her to a glass door, which mysteriously opened. Intrigued, she entered, discovering a lavishly furnished office. Unaware of proper usage, she inadvertently caused a mess, splashing water on the floor.

Just as she began her prayers, the office door swung open, revealing Maleek’s disapproving gaze. The story unfolds with a confrontation between Maleek and Shakur about Munaya’s unconventional entry into Maleek’s office.

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