MIJIN YAR UWATA Complete Document Written By hauwa Shehu Aliyu


She sprinted with urgency, seeking refuge amidst a group of Islamic school children who followed closely behind. Their playful commotion soon turned into a confrontation as they accused her of theft, igniting a volatile exchange between them. In the heat of the moment, she inadvertently collided with a man peering out from a nearby window. The impact jarred her, unleashing a tirade of abuse and violence. Her hijab ripped as he struck her face, leaving her mouth bleeding and her spirit shattered.

In the depths of his heart, a bitter voice taunted, “What kind of wretch is Raheela? There isn’t a day when she isn’t the subject of gossip. What bad luck befalls you that even school children berate you?” Her tearful eyes pleaded innocence, explaining that she had only been tasked with a financial errand. Yet, they accused her of pilfering funds designated for the community. Raheela defended herself, insisting that Amar, not her, mismanaged the community’s money. Her words were met with contempt, as they dismissed her with scorn and slander.

A young girl, coerced to deliver a hundred naira, refused to accept the money. Raheela persisted, attempting to force the money into her hands. Amar berated her, condemning her as a troublemaker and inflicting further harm by twisting her ear and berating her relentlessly. “You’ve become a source of disappointment. The children have lost their respect for you. You’ve even caused this poor girl to lose her money before she left,” he sneered. Raheela’s words faltered as she struggled to defend her integrity.

In the midst of the chaos, a distraught Raheela attempted to reason with Amar, claiming her rights to the money. Enraged, Amar lashed out, striking her mouth and causing it to bleed. Finally, prompted by his mother, Amar begrudgingly produced two hundred naira, tossing it at Raheela with disdain. With a glint of malice, he warned her never to cross him again, his threatening gaze piercing her with fear.

As Amar left, Na’eema, another witness to the altercation, rushed after him. In her haste, she stumbled and fell, calling out in desperation for God’s protection. Trembling, Raheela bid Amar a reluctant farewell, resigning herself to her fate. The encounter left her shaken, her face swollen, and her hijab in tatters.

Amar’s relentless hostility continued to haunt her, promising her a scalding punishment with hot water. Raheela’s eyes rolled in fear, dreading the impending retribution. In a moment of surrender, she relinquished the community’s money, handing it over as Amar demanded. With a malicious gleam in his eye, Amar scorned her, taunting her cowardice and ordering her to “eat” the money, a final act of humiliation and degradation.


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