MIJIN UMMU NA Complete Document Written By Maryam S Indabawa


He and his friends lounged in the main courtyard, enjoying their meal on the carpet. Meanwhile, a young woman, no more than 15, entered the house. The courtyard dwellers greeted her, and after removing her shoes, she stored them in the attic.

Upon hearing her actions, he emerged from his room and scolded her, gesturing towards her feet. “You can’t keep walking around without shoes. Grow up,” he chided. She kneeled and explained, “I put them away because I saw them in the attic.” “You’re lying. Just leave,” he retorted.

She made her way to her sister’s room, where she noticed her playing with a ball. Despite her gentle treatment of the toy, he wouldn’t respond the same way if it were his four-year-old daughter. They seemed blind to his tenderness, and she pondered the reason behind it.

Meanwhile, Antyn sat in a chair, absorbed in her phone, as she did every day. Their mother, whom they called UMMU, instructed her to fetch water. She swiftly obeyed, donning her hijab and heading outside.

Completing the task, she informed UMMU that she would be attending bridge dance practice at UMMA’s house and joining in the celebration of their younger brother’s birthday.

Amidst the preparations, she heard her name being called. “KHADIJA! KHADIJA!” she responded promptly. At home, she dedicated herself to prayer.

Returning with Sallama, she overheard his voice from the attic, berating someone. “You’re always favoring her. She’s out there dancing with our father, who’s still alive and won’t defend her.”

“Let’s celebrate Kannin’s daughter. ABBUN will be delighted,” he continued.

“Where are you off to now?” he asked, as she entered the room, finding Antyn still engrossed in her phone. Observing KHADIJA from the window, she sensed her sister’s longing, knowing there was something she disliked about Anty’s demeanor more than anything – the constant fighting and noise.

As she rose, she entered their bedroom where Alwala requested, “KHADIJA, let’s pray.” Swiftly, she performed ablution and joined Alwala in the Evening Prayer.

As they prayed, Yaya Maimuna, a member of UMMU’s family, entered. “I’m UMMU,” she introduced herself. KHADIJA stood up to greet her.

“UMMU, what day is it?” she inquired. “Lpy Maimuna,” UMMU responded. “UMM is KHADIJA’s right. We will accompany Maman Hidaya home.”

“Okay, don’t take any money,” Yaya Maimuna replied. They left, yet KHADIJA remained troubled by the earlier incident.

In their absence, HAFSAT, or Anty, lay on her bed, clutching her phone tightly. They returned around 10 at night, with Yaya Maimuna seeing her home.

UMMU asked, “You came back today. Did you hear the conversation?”

In the background, they heard his voice saying, “Hey here, the girl doesn’t speak…” KHADIJA retreated to her room, leaving him to his music.

Inside, she found Antyn, HAFSA, still holding her phone with a vacant expression. Despite her silence, she despised the way he spoke to their mother. They ate, watched for a while, then retired to bed.

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