MIJIN BUZUWA Complete Document Written By Zainab Idris Makawa


A devastating accident had struck the town, shrouding everything in blinding flashes of lightning and the sporadic glimmer of car headlights struggling to navigate through the chaos.

Meanwhile, a trio of cars in succession maneuvered cautiously through the road, implying that someone was braving the perilous conditions while pedestrians cautiously made way for them.

Onlookers murmured from the sidewalk, insinuating that the woman standing in an awkward posture was not merely relieving herself but rather struggling with a loss of dignity in her eyes. The vehicles eventually pulled up at a contemporary house, lingering as though engaged in a silent conversation.

After a brief pause, the cars finally approached the residence. A security guard emerged to usher in a white woman, who, despite her striking appearance, seemed to harbor a deceptive beauty that paled in comparison to the inherent allure of Nigerian women. Towering in height, she gracefully strode into the building, disappearing for a brief moment before reemerging and calling out for someone named Labara.

As Labara approached, she was greeted with an abrupt series of blows and an enthusiastic but tense welcome. “Hello, welcome back. How are you?” The woman abruptly interjected, “Wait, how can I hear about the heartless one’s return?” Labara raised her head, inquiring about the identity of ‘Hajiya.’

The other woman confirmed, “Yes, she returned on Wednesday. Since the day you passed, she has been here, then abruptly turned and entered Hasale.” Labara’s expression betrayed surprise at the news, invoking a blessing from God upon the woman and her spouse, questioning why peace couldn’t be maintained between them.

In the room, the woman struggled to compose herself, picking up the phone to dial her estranged husband, who had left earlier for some work. Despite the late hour, her jealousy compelled her to make the call.

The first attempt was interrupted, leaving her impatient for the second try. He didn’t answer, and the call abruptly disconnected, only to be picked up moments later by a drowsy voice, presumably her husband’s. “Nafisa is fine. It’s very late. Why are you calling now?” he grumbled.

Without waiting for an explanation, she blurted, “I wonder if your wife is coming back. You didn’t inform me, and I must bring her back home.” The man, identified as Ajian, responded, “I don’t know if she’s coming back. They didn’t tell me. But she hung up.” Crushed, she collapsed onto her bed, her sobs echoing through the room.

Meanwhile, a woman in a flowing gown and hijab appeared at the side door, extending warm greetings to her. “Welcome back to Abuja! Have you arrived safely?” she inquired with a kind smile, addressing the struggles she faced upon her return. The woman assured her that she would persevere, emphasizing that leaving the house wouldn’t sever the bond between her and her husband, particularly for the sake of their daughter’s happiness.

With a parting smile, she reassured, “God is with the righteous,” before quietly leaving the room. Left alone, her mind wandered to Nafisa’s unabashed behavior, wondering how someone could display such audacity without a hint of shame. As the rain poured outside, she moved back into the living room where her children sat, her gaze fixated on them, although her thoughts were consumed by the sudden upheaval that Nafisa’s arrival had brought upon their lives. Even the children found themselves stuck in the midst of this tumult, yearning for the familiar comfort of their grandfather’s house.


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