MIJIN AMMINA NE SILA Complete Document Written By NoorEman


Rahilat, a native of Cameroon, and her sister Raheenat were born into poverty and grew up without knowing their relatives. Their parents, facing financial struggles, left the town in search of a better life. Raheenat’s marriage to Nadeem brought a glimmer of joy, but a torrential rainstorm changed their lives. The flood washed away their house and belongings, forcing them to return to the village where Raheenat was married.

Raheenat continued to care for Rahilat as best as they could. After four years, Rahilat encountered Sajeed, a wealthy businessman from Niger. Their relationship blossomed when Raheenat sent Rahilat to the market, and Sajeed, captivated by her beauty, stayed until he won her heart.

After facing challenges convincing Sajeed’s mother, the marriage eventually took place, and they moved to Niger. Rahilat, patient and enduring, lived with Sajeed’s family, including Zulaihat, who had a deep affection for her. However, Sajeed’s mother harbored resentment due to Rahilat’s background, creating tension in the household.

Two years later, Rahilat gave birth to a beautiful daughter named Abrar. Despite her hardships, Rahilat faced health complications after giving birth. Sajeed returned, overjoyed at the birth of his daughter, but Rahilat struggled with postpartum bleeding.

As Abrar grew older, she excelled in her studies and recited the Qur’an at a young age. Now thirteen, she was eagerly awaiting Sajeed’s return from China, where he had gone for business. Rahilat admired Abrar for her qualities, hoping she would inherit her father’s resilience.

Two months later, Sajeed returned, and the family was happy to be reunited. However, tragedy struck when Sajeed unexpectedly passed away after five months. Rahilat, left to face widowhood, endured further challenges when Ummi, Sajeed’s mother, chased her away in the night, taking belongings and money meant for Rahilat. Despite these hardships, Rahilat remained resilient, facing an uncertain future with determination.

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