MEENALYN DADDY Complete Document Written By Fadila Sani bakori


In the city of Kaduna, whenever the line of councilors was brought up, it was commonly acknowledged that those in the line of councilors had to carry themselves with a certain level of dignity.

Alhaji Abba Sani lay on his bed, his movements indicating some internal unease. Observing this, Hajiya Mariya, the wife of Dr. Abba, greeted him and entered the bedroom. Standing by her husband’s head, she pondered why he seemed troubled, unable to discern any specific concerns that might be troubling him.

Taking a seat on the bed’s edge, Hajiya Mariya leaned towards Alhaji Abba and, in a somber tone, remarked, “Daddy Meenal is fine. I’ve been here for a while, but it seems you’re not here with me, based on the signs.”

A single glance at the individual known as Abba Meenal would reveal his immense wealth. Although not exactly elderly, he appeared quite aged. It seemed that his prosperity and inner peace had somehow staved off the visible signs of aging.

Raising his bleary eyes, he met the speechless gaze of Hajiya Mariya. Her concern was evident as she placed a hand on his neck to check for fever. Finding none, she asked with a worried expression, “Is Abba Meenal doing well?”

Abba Meenal sat up, looking at his wife, the mother of his child, and replied with a smile, “Mommy Meenal, what did you perceive?”

“Abba Meenal, please share your worries. Your demeanor betrays unease. What’s troubling you?” Hajiya Mariya inquired, reflecting her concern for her husband.

Alhaji Abba rose from the bed, taking his wife’s hand as they got up together. “Let’s have breakfast. Nothing troubles me. It’s just one of those days when a person wakes up feeling indifferent about the city. But what’s the matter? Meenalyn’s parents are close to me.”

Quick to dismiss the tension, Alhaji Abba suggested, “Let’s have breakfast at the hospital while I check in when it’s time to go.”

During breakfast, Alhaji Abba glanced at Hajiya Mariya and asked, “Where is Meenalyn’s father?”

Hajiya Mariya smiled and responded, “Meenalyn’s father left for school in a huff today, without seeing you. I believe she has an exam. I’m not sure if she’ll be able to take it.”

Alhaji Abba smiled and assured, “If I go out, I’ll take care of her school fees.”

“Goodness, Meenal’s father, you’re always scolding Meenal. That’s why she still sees herself as a little girl. She’s grown up, but you two haven’t realized it,” Hajiya Maria remarked with a hint of exasperation.

Alhaji Abba held his cup and glanced at his wife. “Where did Meenal grow up?”

“Twenty-one years have passed. The world has changed, but you seem unchanged,” Hajiya Mariya said.

Alhaji Abba smiled, saying, “I still see her as a baby. I still call her Meenalyn’s daddy.”

Finishing breakfast, Alhaji Abba prepared to leave for work, where he planned to pay for Meenal’s university education, as he had promised. Leaning against his car, he wore his usual smile, appearing content. It seemed as if he were expecting Meenal to surprise him by visiting her grandmother’s house.

When Meenal arrived, she embraced her father joyfully, saying, “Oyoyo, my sweet daddy. I waited for you today. You didn’t wake up, but Bilya, the driver, brought me.”

Expressing remorse, Alhaji Abba reassured her, “I apologize, Meenalyn’s daddy. I didn’t feel good waking up without you. That’s why I had a small breakfast. I feel better when I’m with Meenalyn’s daddy.”

Meenal, resembling her father in her cheerful demeanor, yet resembling him even in her expensive tastes, replied, “Sweet daddy, I don’t have anything for you today.”

Swiftly taking Meenal’s hand as she attempted to withdraw it, Alhaji Abba said, “Meenalyn’s daddy, let’s go to a restaurant and prepare some food. How about you skip breakfast for once?”

“No, sweet daddy. I don’t enjoy eating out,” Meenal responded.

Alhaji Abba insisted, saying, “Meenalyn’s daddy, God, you didn’t have breakfast after me. You won’t have dinner today.”

With Meenal now in the car, she voiced her concerns, “But sweet daddy, I never eat out, do I?”

“Yes, I know. Then why not have breakfast at home?” Alhaji Abba suggested.

Meenal remained silent, contemplating his words.

Alhaji Abba opened the car door for Meenal, then got in and drove towards the school premises.

Taking Meenal to an upscale restaurant, Alhaji Abba watched her carefully as the waiter served her white rice and soup.

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