MATSATSUBI BOOK 3 Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani M Gini


When they tossed themselves into the moon’s embrace, they found a celestial realm above, filled with awe-inspiring wonders. Everything floated effortlessly in the air, even the town’s buildings and creatures, rendering stability an illusion. Among them were moon inhabitants resembling dragons with insect-like bodies, as sturdy as rocks, yet uniformly built. Their hairy forms sported two horns, donkey-like ears, and human-like eyes and mouths. Despite small hands reminiscent of Dosanas, they traversed the air swiftly, akin to arrows in flight, defying gravity without wings. Each step, a gentle raising of legs transformed them into ethereal beings akin to airborne snails.

The townfolk, resembling mundane humans, paid no heed, consumed by their own affairs. Attempts at communication fell on deaf ears as they lingered in silent observation. Suddenly, a hundred warriors clad in gleaming armor descended upon them like a tempest. Armed with unfamiliar weapons, these fighters swiftly subdued the astonished townfolk, clearing a path for passage.

A warrior brandished a mirrored object from beneath their metallic cloak, revealing the visage of their king. His features mirrored theirs, evoking a chuckle as he issued orders to harness their potential. With a swift arrest, they were whisked away into the wind, traversing towns and villages until reaching the grand city of Harjulul Mulk.

Unlike other cities, Harjulul Mulk stood firm upon the earth, devoid of floating marvels. Adorned with opulent luxury, its golden structures surpassed imagination. Its inhabitants, like Jafar, were monstrous creations, as perplexing as their airborne counterparts.

Within the city’s confines, they were ushered into a colossal abode where workers manipulated moon-wands, revealing myriad worlds upon screens. Amidst them sat King Azmul Gallar, exuding both menace and mirth. With a gesture, he commanded attention, revealing his disdain for other worlds and his intent to wield destructive magic.

As the group gazed upon a giant snake, Azmul Gallar emerged unscathed, mocking their astonishment. He revealed his machinations, seeking to obliterate their world with a fabled artifact. His sinister laughter echoed as he unveiled his plans to rewrite their destinies, leaving them in a state of despair.

Despite their dread, Jafar confronted Azmul Gallar, recognizing their shared desire for dominion. In response, the king dismissed fame as inconsequential, asserting his supremacy over destiny. With resolve, Jafar challenged his authority, igniting a battle of wills that would determine the fate of worlds.

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