MATAR HARIJI Complete Document Written By Unknown


She straightened herself swiftly, raising her head as she observed the figure entering the room. Clapping her hands, she chuckled and retorted, “You think this imbecile is my husband, don’t you? I wonder how a woman like you tolerates staying married to this good-for-nothing who can’t provide for your needs. A man is a man, but in bed, he’s nothing but a disappointment. Yet you are all kind and giving on the outside. That’s what I did when I married him without even a penny. I quenched his thirst and he filled my pocket with money.”

The others laughed, while she scowled and continued, “But I told you not to come today. Your brother will be back, and I don’t want him to suspect any connection between us. We have to pretend to be enemies. That’s the plan.”

Dara² gazed at the flowers he was selling, and she lifted her head, saying, “Don’t worry about what I’m saying. If you want to purchase four bags, buy a black one and leave it. You want to be thrifty no matter the cost. I’ll wait for you.”

Lameer chuckled and flashed a grin, suggesting, “If you don’t mind, let’s play a game. Tell me your wish, and I’ll grant it. I’ll marry you. Just laugh at me and let me visit your place once. I’m not joking. I’ll have my dogs chase you if you don’t agree.”

Jiddoh’s lips twisted as she replied, “Hohoho, you’re taking this too far. I can’t help but laugh at you. Your relatives and your father will laugh at me too. Wait, I won’t marry you. Divorce is in your blood, and Madi’s boyfriend is no different, with his fancy hair and flashy attire ????????????????????”

Adjusting his hat, he focused his gaze on her, scrutinizing her from head to toe. “You’re not sour, are you?” he quipped. Turo leaned forward, nudging her with a potato ladle, and jested, “If your cow’s milk is sour, it’ll always be discarded,” chuckling. Seeing her puzzled expression, he clarified, “But there will be days when your breasts will go sour.” The laughter on the veranda continued, signaling a festive mood.

Her young son glanced at her and the lovely girl, yet one event altered their lives. “Mana Hauwa” released her grip, her body jolting as she fell, the father’s shout echoing as he let go of the bottle in his hand and swiftly covered her mouth, whispering, “You’re crying, JIDDAH Mother. What did I do to make you shout like this, father? Your brothers hit me.”

She closed her eyes once more, the cries escaping her lips as she wailed, “I’m finished, I’m ruined. My aunt has gone and told my mother that if I perish, it’s all over. I’m heading to God’s place. It’s over for me, my aunt, my father, Madi’s boy, it’s all over. The sickness will claim me…”


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