MARAICIN NAWAF  Complete Document Written By Maman Baby


Son of God, how did you bless me with these children? I acknowledge that my soul belongs to you, and I care for it. We have no one but each other, and I choose you, Son of God. You created me, *NAWAF*, as an orphan without a mother or father. I implore you, Son of God, to guide him just as you would your own children. As he grows, I commit to offering them to you as a humble offering, like a little box.

Sumaiyya, I regret to share this with you, Son of God; you will awaken. How do you discern that the troubles in my life are not prospering?

The children bravely stood before them and declared, “Mama, Son of God, we are determined to change our circumstances.” I heard Sumaiya Tajawoshi’s words, “My son, destiny will find you. Even if you observe your father’s actions, the Son of God will turn your fortunes. Continue to pray for my sister’s transformation.” She touched his head and invoked, “May God bless you and make you a source of pride in this world.”

Why do you find yourself on the other side of Amman?

Cincikin, during the night, Sumaiya exhibited kindness, cradling *NAWAF* as he slept. When morning arrived, and I appeared, my son, the nurse, *NAWAF*, arose. Bewildered, he greeted my mother, asking, “How are you?” When she replied, “Get up, bye bye,” he rose and left her. I apologize; there is no other sibling more precious than you now. May God bless you. *NAWAF* was about to depart when he said to my mother, bidding farewell. She wept, ran to him, and pleaded, “What is wrong, mother?” Tearfully, she implored, “I apologize, mother, please answer the rabbi’s call.”

*NAWAF*, when he was a child in Amman, heard of Amman’s demise. He cried and felt fear, for his teacher had stated that the deceased do not weep.

That’s it; Sumaiyya is the true haven until we declare that God has endowed us with completeness through goodness and faith.

_Two weeks after Sumaiya’s passing_

*Nawaf* began encountering pressure and restrictions from Inna Lami’s household and her children. No matter how resolute you are, carry on. If you are a woman, undertake the same responsibilities. Whatever you do, Amman, *Nawaf* bears it.

Even now, my mother desires to visit me, and the water jars are mine.

Inna exclaimed, “Hurry with your attire; I am waiting. I apologize; the rest is not relevant.”

*NAWAF* asserted, “Inna, this year, I journeyed to Amman. I will become a mujahid.” His mother queried, “Will it be your leg or your head, like the gifts before? I apologize; I am alive.”

*NAWAF* replied, “I apologize, Mom. Son of God, please grant me patience.” His mother affirmed, “You are obedient,” as *NAWAF* exited, tossing a ball and murmuring, “Mom, why did you stop? Take me to Inna Lami’s place.” Uttering words from his friends, he cried incessantly.

After *NAWAF* gathered his bags, Inna Lami remarked, “Inna, Son of God, you must be exhausted. I was famished yesterday.” Inna Lami blessed him, “May God provide you with sustenance. Whoever eats will receive it, and whoever claims they won’t eat, won’t.” The neighbors said, “Banrike, Amanaba wlh kakiyyan,” signifying her neutrality, while *NAWAF* stood firm.

He declared, “You believe in me; I am a disciple, and everyone is equal before God.”

Inna Lami, upon hearing his words, turned and looked at her husband. Inna Lami’s husband advised, “Lami, fear God; these children are entrusted to you, as well as your husband. Your daughter’s son, with one mother and one father, I know you are in Kunibarma, and you will be trusted with them, just like your own. Amman’s children are all alike; when will they unite? Amman will initiate the conversation. The son of Tabarmaki will inform you that you will live; discipleship is fearing God.” Inna Lami’s husband added, “Why don’t you return and let me know where I am going? You won’t be taking me to school. I will continue attending school just like your children.” He entered the room, stating that the teacher was discussing something, and he had a matter to discuss with his sister’s son.

*NAWAF*, six days ago, encountered a boy named Umar Umar, a neighbor. *NAWAF* wept and said, “Son of God, my friend, what ails you? Even though I know you endure suffering, and your mother is a mujahid, you weep, and you aren’t heading south. You purchase food, and I don’t drink. Let me share my food with you.” *NAWAF* expressed his gratitude, “Thank you, my friend.

Amman, I know what you are doing is not good, and you don’t know what I am doing.”

Umar remarked, “I should seek refuge in God because there is no goodness.”

*Nawaf* said, “My friend,” and they both smiled.

My mother explained that the reason, including everything, *Nawaf* stated, was an attempt to prepare food for her. She recounted that he was disparaged in the neighborhood.

*Nawaf* Yabiyota cried out, “Mom, Son of God, I apologize. My mother affirms that I obey you. Son of God, do not forsake me.” His mother turned to Efusace and said, “I heard they were conversing.”

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