MAKARANTAR KWANA Complete Document Written By Mujahida



“Alhaji, allow me to share my thoughts. I would advise against sending Akai to a day school, especially if you’ll allow me to be candid, my trusted servant, Alfanu Aciki.”

“Zuwaira!!! You’re quarreling with Abu Kamar, your own daughter? Unless she isn’t truly your daughter, this behavior seems more like envy and jealousy. The school isn’t against her; it’s your feelings that are.”

His voice crescendoed as he concluded his speech.

“No, Alhaji, it’s inappropriate to judge the children here. You’re well aware of their conduct. I wouldn’t send Akaimun’s children to a boarding school. Even the Balantana men have passed away, as I mentioned. She won’t be going to a boarding school, God forbid. Alkairi.”

Her words dripped with disdain for the ongoing conversation.

“Well, it’s your hope, then, that Alkairi will put an end to this nonsensical talk. None of my other children from *DAY SCHOOL* have encountered such issues or problems. Akai is the exception. She’s at a secondary school level, and it’s appropriate for her to attend boarding school. You, however, intervened and stopped her, which was commendable. Now, she’ll progress to the higher levels of *DAY SCHOOL*.”

He praised her judgment, encompassing the entire household.

Upon Namir’s entrance, he questioned, “Mother, why did Akawa Abba Naga make a scene outside?”

Hunmmm: “It’s a matter of women’s prerogative, Namir. Beyond voicing her concerns, she isn’t capable. The idea of sending her to a boarding school isn’t accurate. She’s my daughter, and I’m fully aware of what’s best for her. As of now, she will continue with *DAY SCHOOL*.”

“*DAY SCHOOL*!!!! What did you just say, Mom? God bless you, I can’t believe it!”

Hunmmm: “Let’s proceed, Namir.”

Resuming her tasks, a sense of guilt settled within her regarding the situation.

Namir Yashiga was now certain that not going to *DAY SCHOOL* would indeed be problematic.

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