MAI CIKI CE Book 1 Complete Document Written By Khadija Kanwar Soja


In the obscurity of the gusty wind, she sprinted tirelessly, clad in Pakistani pants and an oversized shirt that reached her knees, the fabric rustling as she moved. Despite her frail frame, her hair was not unkempt, and she displayed a sense of urgency, running without looking back, even though she seemed unwell.

With a metallic clang, she collided with the dusty road, stumbling as her eyes shut tight. The wind pushed her, and she collided with a rock, her leg twisting with a sharp sound. Clutching her father’s name, she cried, “Inallillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un,” tears streaming down her cheeks. As rain poured down like a torrent, she raised her head to the sky, feeling every drop on her body.


“Doooooom,” he exclaimed, “Subhanallahi! Subhanallahi! Subhanallahi! I have a gun pointed at you, Hablat.” The one called Hablat illuminated her cellphone, responding, “It’s an attack, and Daddy Majhat said I should grab a gun from the back.” He continued, “May God protect you.” This was the abrupt awakening in the middle of the night, eyes opening as if in battle, wrapped in a red blanket.

Annoyed, he threw the blanket at her, warning, “If demons wake up, I’m leaving the room.” In his heart, he opened the door, releasing the metal sound. Five minutes later, she began to toss and turn on the bed.

“Oh, Hablat, I’m asleep; everyone else is asleep except me,” she groggily acknowledged. The phone clock indicated it was ten minutes past two. She descended slowly, lighting up the room and scrambling to find her slippers before heading to the toilet.

The room, adorned with a bed, a beautiful wardrobe, a mirror, and a desk, showcased her jewelry and a lovely photo album. A touch of navy army uniform adorned the small mouth and eye sockets that matched her oval face, a testament to the competition for her beauty.

Quietly opening the house door, she found him sleeping on his back. She approached, gently combing his hair with her fingers. Looking into the young man’s eyes, she playfully kicked her foot and erupted into a loud cry. Confused, he exclaimed, “First, you followed me, then you laughed, and now you’re crying! What’s happening? You’ve disrupted my peace, Hablat!”

She responded, “Abban Majhat, I swear, I’m hungry, and I can’t sleep. You’re a bit dense, lying on my back.” He retorted, “Enough of that, Hablat; your mind has been restless since you woke up. I have something to tell you.” She replied, “Why do I love you, Abban Majhat? Now you’ll love me sweetly, please, God, I’ve been waiting for someone like you. I am a bride, do you understand?” As she spoke, they began cooking, preparing eggs, potatoes, and onions, the scent wafting from the pot.

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