MAI BAKIN JINI Complete Document Written By Ayusher Iliyasu, Shamsiyya Salisu


They walked hand in hand, Siddik and Siam, with one hand carrying their lunch boxes. Slowly, they arrived at the entrance of Prime School. Inside the classroom, Siam hurried to be on time for GGSS Tarauni School. She was always in a rush not to be late. She knew the language teacher’s rule – once he enters the class, no one is allowed to enter. Therefore, she searched for a seat by the door, feeling tense, as she always did when he was around. When the teacher noticed her, she became nervous but managed to respond. He was the school’s discipline master. Interrupted by the bell, he smiled, an unusual sight for a teacher like him. He gestured for her to come inside and find a seat. The other students were puzzled and amazed by this rare interaction. Some even cheered her on.

Siam was a patient and intelligent girl, but she wasn’t well-liked by her classmates. No one allowed her to sit next to them or be their friend. She often appeared isolated and acted as if she were unwell. Whenever she stood up in class, they pushed her away. They were a group that wanted to excel, and having Siam as a classmate seemed like a hindrance. She made things difficult for them, and when the results were announced, those who ranked high in the class received special treatment. It seemed like everyone in the school, including the teachers and principal, were aware of Siam’s situation. She was overlooked in competitions, debates, and external exams. Even when given the chance to speak, others were preferred, and she felt like a mere spectator.

On this particular day, during the break time, Siam stayed in the classroom to eat her lunch. She rarely left the class unless there was a significant reason. As the teachers returned, she ran back inside to avoid being marked late. Her father had informed her that she would be going to Islamic studies and wouldn’t return until evening. She responded obediently and discussed it with him. She believed that God disliked her and had the power to expel her from school. She thought about including her guardian’s father, who held influence and wealth, in solving the issue with the other children.

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