MAH NOOR Complete Document Written By Mrs Usman



Traveling from Lagos to Yola…

On a swiftly moving train, a young girl, not older than twelve, is sprinting within its carriages. Her countenance is concealed by a cloth adorned with a blend of white and black, but as she adjusts her hair, her eyes sparkle with delight. Donning glasses, she exudes an air of youthful cheerfulness that belies her tender age. A touch of innocence graces her, untouched by the fabric that veils her. Her actions catch the attention of her younger sister, whom she affectionately addresses.

“Adda, I’m going to have some milk.”

She glances towards her parents before addressing them with a raised voice.

“Mom! What about me? When we reach Nunu’s place, can I stay there instead of grandma’s? I want to keep an eye on Aisha and Amina.”

A woman on the opposite side responds with a smile and queries, “And what is your name, dear?”

“Aishah!” she answers calmly, her voice carrying an air of composure.

The woman’s smile widens as she responds.

“Well, since you haven’t revealed your face to us, we can’t just come to your house. Hidaya, Raziya, Umar! Where is Alhaji Maher? Come here.”

Simultaneously, they meet, uttering in agreement.

“Is Ummin Maher alright?”

A prepared dish is presented to Man Aisha, seated nearby, observing the interaction. Then, the gaze shifts to Aisha’s parents as she voices her proposal to them.

“I’ve seen their daughter, and I’m impressed! Since they’ll be staying in Gombe while we’re in Yola, I thought it would be nice if we united our families. His name is Muh’d, and she’s Aisha. What do you say?”

Amid laughter, they chime in.

“By the way, you’ll have to reveal your face for us to decide.”

With a mixture of surprise and anticipation, she lifts her veil, unveiling her beautiful countenance. “Masha Allah. It’s settled.”

Aisha’s mother intervenes.

“Well, then, we don’t need to discuss further,” she remarks with a chuckle.

Aisha’s father adds his agreement.

“Are you ready? Very well, I accept the proposal.”

Upon hearing this, the young girl leaps to her feet and rushes towards them.

“No! I won’t let this happen.”

In her haste, she collides with a man, coming to an abrupt stop. Their eyes meet, a fleeting moment with no apparent consequence. However, his grasp on her arms lingers, leading her to gaze into his eyes. Reacting swiftly, she strikes his hand and steps back, her determination intact. As he moves to lift her veil, a confrontation ensues. Her hand meets his, denying him, while her voice resounds in reproach.

“Release me, as if everyone of your kind is heartless. You insisted on seeing my face, so who are you?”

Her tone, sharp and direct, stirs his anger once more.

“Who is your father?”

With a hint of sorrow, she raises her head, tears glistening in her eyes.

“It’s your father!” she retorts with unflinching honesty.

“No! You’re the one who spoke to the girl less fortunate than your sister. You might as well have killed her father!”

His eyes widen as he registers her words, his hand where she struck. Bowing his head, he appears contemplative. Her visage is poised, as if awaiting a kiss, her hand poised to repel. The tension breaks as she pushes him away, fleeing the scene. He murmurs,

“Fawwas, you’re quite the character. She challenged me.”

“Remember, she’s hiding her face due to hirami.”

Laughter ensues as he retreats, clutching a boarding pass labeled “Yola.”

“Well, the Sadak of this gold holds more power than mere money. But we must offer gold in return.”

“Then it will be a costly affair. I shall provide the dowry,” Aisha’s mother responds, a laugh escaping her lips. The terms of marriage are swiftly agreed upon, and on the tenth day of March in the year two thousand and nine, the ceremony is held. The train journey to Yola and Abuja sets the stage.

After the festivities, Aisha’s mother bestows a gift upon Mahir’s mother, and conversation continues. The distant hum of an aircraft gradually becomes distinct, heightening their anticipation. As parents search for their children, Aisha’s parents join the search, but an unexpected cry rings out, proclaiming a truth that shatters their hopes. Those aboard the plane, including Aisha, encounter a fate they cannot escape.



The jarring sound of an alarm rouses us from deep slumber. I deactivate the alarm and gaze wearily at Tasleem. Straightening up, we prepare for the day ahead.

Today marks the commencement of our service assignment, a mission entrusted to us. Although our father has forbidden us from serving the country, we are determined to contribute in Yola, hoping our presence will ease his concerns as he reunites with his twin.

I share a smile with Tasleem, reminiscent of days gone by, playfully jostling her as we embark on this new chapter.

Be with Us

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