Outside a house’s entrance, a congregation of beggars gathered, seated, bearing an air of hunger. Suddenly, they all sprang to their feet as though anticipating the arrival of the homeowner. Their collective voices rose, echoing from above, just as a young girl approached. She refrained from opening her window to the public, believing it to be her sole chance to catch a glimpse of either the homeowner or the lady of the house. It mattered not whether it was the owner or the lady, as both were affluent.

Upon reaching the front of the assembly, she stood up. To her surprise, there were only elderly individuals present; no children in sight. It appeared as though Alama had not made an appearance, for none of the women voiced any complaints regarding the girl’s actions.

She feigned a nonchalant demeanor, but after thirty minutes, there was still no indication of the homeowners emerging. Her body grew cold as hot tears streamed down her cheeks. An elderly woman standing beside her wept and comforted her.

“I’m sorry, Ameerah,” the woman consoled, “It seems even the homeowners are displeased today. But where are your parents? A young girl like you should be at home. In today’s world, nobody should risk their safety and well-being. All these thoughts raced through Ameerah’s mind as she contemplated ways to meet the homeowner.

The old lady gently shook her, and Ameerah, still awake, managed a smile. “Don’t worry,” she said, “I’ll return tomorrow, undeterred.” With that, she began her journey home, leaving the old woman puzzled by her cryptic words. If one’s grandmother is in dire straits, it doesn’t warrant labeling her as a “beggar,” as she should not endure such hardship.

Saida Ameerah walked on, gradually putting distance between herself and the house’s entrance. She couldn’t spot anyone there anymore, leaving her with a perplexing question. Why did the crowd always disperse when she was ready to leave after arriving to find a throng at the house’s door? She pondered this without finding an answer.

As she sat in solitude, contemplating her path to fulfill her sister’s promise, she resolved never to waver in her pursuit. She was determined to achieve her goal, to make her sister proud, and she was determined to take her talents to Saudi Arabia.

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