MA’AIKACIYAR  GWAMNATI  Complete Document Written By Asma Baffa


I am currently in London at the age of 80, having arrived by plane. After collecting the necessary funds, I’m here to share my experiences with you, dear readers. Seated in a three-seater, a man, around 35 years old, immersed in a small iPad, was working on a cutting-edge computer. His fingers deftly maneuvered between the iPad and his phone, exuding an air of affluence and leisure intertwined with happiness.

This man, named Mohd Omar, hails from a distinguished lineage. His grandfather, Mohd Omar Ibrahim, was a renowned scholar, businessman, and politician. Born in Gombe state to Fulani Gombe natives, Mohd Omar’s parents settled in Haifa before their demise. His father stayed with him for studies before passing away. Currently, Mohd Omar is cherished by his family, known for his kindness, and makes regular visits to them.

Having been a senator in Abuja, a minister twice, and presently serving as the ambassador of Nigeria in Russia, Mohd Omar resides in Abuja, the Federal City. He is married to two wives. Hajia Amina, a homemaker, is from Gombe village. She didn’t pursue further education after marrying Mohd Omar. They have three children – Omar, Abdullah (18 years old), and Suleim (9 years old). His second wife, Hajiya Rahina, has five daughters: Sadia (27yrs), Aisha (25yrs), Zainab (23yrs), Naja (21yrs), Sajida (15yrs).

While Amina and her children share a close bond with Mohd Omar, Rahina maintains a strained relationship with Amina and her offspring. The latter, with a degree and government jobs, compete for attention and affection. Rahina insists on having children with Mohd Omar, only if they possess a degree and work for the government. The animosity between the two households is palpable, marked by lies, disrespect, and rivalry.

Despite the discord, Amina is portrayed as a patient and religious woman who prioritizes her family. Mohd Omar is notably admired for his physical appearance in London, where even the locals compliment him. Character-wise, he is described as almost impeccable, with a quick temper and a tendency towards arrogance. He holds degrees in economics from London and has completed his master’s. A deeply religious individual, Mohd Omar has memorized significant religious texts and applies his knowledge. Pressured by his father, he married Sahar, an educated medical professional working in a prominent hospital in Abuja.

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