Assalamu alaikum, she entered the house quietly. She sat down on the sofa hesitantly, unsure of herself, feeling out of place. With a heavy heart, she mustered the courage to speak, “Suwaiba, did you do it?” She replied nervously, “Yes, I had to. It was necessary.” She continued with determination, “I’ve postponed it long enough. I couldn’t let the opportunity slip by again.” She paused briefly, then added with resolve, “We have to do it today.”


He looked at her, puzzled, “But why now? We had agreed to wait until next Tuesday, and why rush into it?” She sighed, “We can’t delay it any longer. Everything has to be done today.” He nodded reluctantly, still unsure of her intentions.


As they talked, her phone rang abruptly. She picked it up quickly, “Hello, my love?” His voice came through the line, “Hello, dear. How are you feeling today?” She responded warmly, “I miss you. Do you miss me too?” He assured her, “Of course, my dear. I’ll be home soon. Let’s meet at our usual spot.” She agreed, “Yes, let’s meet there.”


Later, as she sat alone, her thoughts drifted. She wondered about the consequences of their actions and what the future held for them. She couldn’t shake off the feeling of uncertainty, but she remained resolute in her decision.


Meanwhile, he sat in contemplation, pondering over their conversation. He couldn’t shake off the nagging feeling of doubt. Something didn’t feel right, but he couldn’t pinpoint what it was. He decided to trust her for now but remained vigilant.


As the day unfolded, they both grappled with their inner turmoil, unsure of what the future held for them. But they knew one thing for certain – they were in this together, come what may.

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