On this Wednesday morning, a sensational story of the kidnapping of the renowned wealthy individual, Alhaji Sadi Kokino (not related to the beer brand), has been making headlines across various media outlets. The incident took place last Tuesday night at the capital city’s airport, and what sets this abduction apart is the peculiar circumstances surrounding it.

Numerous eyewitnesses who were on the same flight as Alhaji Sadi Kokino can attest that he landed safely and even exchanged greetings with well-wishers who had come to welcome him. Two journalists at the airport even managed to take his photograph and a short video. All these witnesses confirmed that Alhaji Sadi appeared to be in good health. He then got into his car, with one of his guards opening the door for him, and his trusted driver drove away. However, when they reached the gates of his residence, and the door was opened once more for him to exit, he reportedly said, “Take me back to where you picked me up.”

As of now, security forces have been mobilized to locate Alhaji Kokino, with the public eagerly awaiting any news or information regarding the mysterious circumstances of his abduction.


As this news spreads, discussions and debates are fervently taking place across social media platforms. People from all walks of life are sharing their opinions. Some are mourning the situation, while others express skepticism, suggesting that this might be the result of a larger propaganda effort by powerful nations.

The incident itself is baffling, especially considering the extensive security measures and CCTV cameras in place at the airport. The airport’s security is known to be highly vigilant. Regardless of how it transpired, only time will reveal the truth.


Meanwhile, in the backseat of a car, a man lay with his eyes closed, appearing almost as if he were asleep. Occasionally, he would exhale a sigh of exhaustion.

The car came to a stop, and the opening of the door prompted him to open his eyes slightly. He checked his wristwatch, furrowing his brow as he realized the time. With some effort, he adjusted his black winter coat and extended his legs outside.

As the person outside the car opened the door, he reached for his coat, acknowledging the gesture with a nod of respect. He declined the offer of a shirt, as he knew his head was already throbbing. He took a deep breath before stepping out, concealing a small gun in his back pocket.

His tear-filled eyes briefly scanned the two young men who had come to meet him. He offered no words to them and simply walked ahead. They followed him quietly, aware of the unwritten rules that governed their interactions.

With a composed demeanor, he arrived at a room where a meeting was being held. The room’s condition hinted at the importance of discussions that often took place here, particularly concerning security matters.

Without engaging in conversation, he took a seat, and the others who had arrived with him did the same. The room remained hushed, with only the hum of the air conditioning and the occasional shuffle of papers breaking the silence.

One individual in the room examined a few paintings on the wall before raising an inquisitive gaze.

“I understand that this emergency meeting may come as a surprise to everyone. Our thoughts may be focused on how such a prominent figure as Alhaji Sadi Kokino could be kidnapped. We’ve had our officials investigating the situation since last night. Now, I’ve asked one of them to provide us with an update, after which we will discuss our next steps. Currently, the time is 7:19 AM, and I am certain that by 8 AM, this story will have spread globally. We are the first officials that everyone will turn to—from the townspeople to the journalists, his family, and the entire nation.”

With this, they acknowledged each other, expressing their agreement with his explanation. As he rose from his seat, he looked at the gathering, his gaze lingering on the individual still holding his head, awaiting the forthcoming information.

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