“Amrita! Amrita!”

These words were urgently spoken as if someone wanted to prevent the owner of this name from committing a grave crime.

Amrita, a woman named after a tree, walked through the sweltering heat with a tense expression on her face. She entered her office, clutching some documents in her hand.

“What on earth is this research about?” she exclaimed as she placed the documents on her desk.

She had difficulty sending it to the palace, and just as she pondered this, the person who had called her name earlier entered the office.

“Amrita, you need to stop this plan,” he implored.

“What about Shirita? What do you know about what I’m doing?” Amrita responded, her voice filled with frustration. “How many lives are at risk?”

Amrita and the young man engaged in a heated argument, seemingly on the verge of a physical confrontation. However, in the end, she turned away and let him return to the officer sitting in front of her.

“You speak of the investigation being complete, but you don’t believe it from the mountain of evidence. Have you even looked into the investigation…”

As she spoke, the young man who had joined them called her name, “Amrita,” and she halted her words, visibly annoyed. She was disappointed that the government had entrusted the investigation to them, especially since this police officer had the opportunity to arrest her but remained silent due to her father’s status.

However, as tensions escalated, Amrita and the young man, Mike, began to confront each other more aggressively. Hadi and Tarun, the employees in the room, watched in astonishment as the situation escalated beyond their control.

“Amrita, two years is not a short time,” Mike finally said during a moment of silence, causing Amrita to turn and look at him.

“I don’t know if your brother is alive, but the police are doing their best to find answers. They understand that if they had evidence, they would have already made arrests. However, they face challenges, and they won’t focus on just one case when there are larger issues in the world. They won’t be fixated on it until they find resolution.”

Amrita’s demeanor turned cold as she lowered her head and attempted to leave in anger. The young man hastily exited when he noticed a passing car.

“What’s wrong with her?” he wondered aloud.

Her name was Amrita, and she was passionately arguing with the police officer because they had suspended the investigation into her sister’s disappearance two years ago, along with his colleagues. Despite this setback, she felt that her sister’s case was far from resolved.

In her agitated state, Amrita stopped abruptly in the middle of her house. She hurriedly got out of her car and found a young man from Baro at the police station waiting for her.

Their eyes met, and Amrita tried to mask her emotions.

“Aunt, may I come in?” her boyfriend asked after saying goodbye to the woman accompanying him.

He walked past her while Amrita stood there, simmering with anger. After he left the room, Soma, the woman who called her name, addressed her.


Amrita hesitated, refusing to turn around.

“You really embarrassed me today,” Soma said as she approached.

Amrita quickly faced her. “Aunt, what did Adam tell you today?”

(Her friend’s name is Adam, and while most women have numerous friends and connections, Amrita only has one close friend, Adam. They had grown up together, practically like cousins and neighbors. They had been inseparable friends from childhood to adulthood, hence the term ‘best friends forever.’)

Soma sighed. “What can he tell me after you’ve been in your own world?”

She opened the door to her mother’s room and gestured for Amrita to enter.

“Amrita, look at how our community has changed since Atif’s disappearance.”

Amrita’s heart ached as she responded, “Everything has changed, and she’s not the same anymore. When Atif was with us, she wasn’t like this. But now, she’s different. Atif has been missing for two years, and there’s been no word from him. He’s not even in my dreams.”

Tears welled up in her eyes as she spoke, and she hugged Hadi.

“If the police arrest you, I don’t know how your sister will cope. For God’s sake, don’t do this again. Only God knows the situation.”

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