I wrapped a small towel around my chest and reached for my perfect bed, where my Teddy awaited. Closing my eyes, I began to daydream about the one I would marry – a love that filled my body and soul.

The question that often occupied my thoughts was, “Who is he? Where is he?” I couldn’t quite picture his face or identity. All I knew was that he was tall, with a sturdy build and a broad chest. I sighed deeply because imagining his smile felt wonderful, even if I couldn’t picture his entire face beyond his long beard and fine clothes.

“Mimi, how are you?” Mami’s voice brought me back to reality as she entered the room. I hadn’t even noticed her arrival. I replied, “Mami, when did you come in?” She didn’t answer directly but handed me a cup of tea, saying, “Sweetheart, drink this. Your father called, and he’s on his way back home.”

I obediently sipped the tea, handing her the cup afterward. She left me to my own devices as I approached my dressing table. I picked up some lotion, gently applying it to my fair skin. Then, I delicately touched up my eye makeup, enhancing the whites of my eyes and even momentarily imagining them turning a shade of red.

I chose to wear a black t-shirt paired with a lovely blouse and a denim skirt.

I made my way to the living room, Teddy firmly in hand. Before I could even finish the journey, the sounds of children playing and my father’s voice filled the air.

Imane rushed towards me, exclaiming, “Aunty Mimi, close your eyes! I want to show you something.” She grabbed my hand, and just as I was about to close my eyes, Ihsane interrupted, “Aunty Mimi, look at Teddy! Daddy brought him grades. He wants to show you his report card! Look how well he’s done!” She proudly held up a giant rose-shaped teddy bear, even bigger than my own Teddy.

Imane shrieked with joy and excitement, rolling on the ground in celebration. I teased, “Yes, I’m feeling much better now, thank you!” I reached out to Teddy and showed my gratitude. I snapped a photo of Teddy with my phone, posting it on my status with the caption, “Thank you, my dear Daddy.” After posting, I turned off my data, knowing that Mami had brought us food.

In our house, it was a tradition to eat from the same tray, and this practice fostered a sense of togetherness. Daddy joined us, and we all gathered around. While eating, Ameera walked into the room without saying a word, fixating her gaze solely on Teddy’s head.

“Are you regretting not having a new Teddy? Daddy, why didn’t you get one for me?” Ameera exclaimed in frustration, revealing her envy.

Daddy’s mother, known as Hajiya Babba, called and greeted, “Hello, dear. I hope you had a safe trip. Welcome back.” Daddy replied with a smile, “Ameera, you’re such a jealous girl! Today, I promise to get you whatever you want so that everyone can enjoy their meal.” Mami interjected, “My dear, we don’t have it right now.” Ameera stood up and started walking away, but Daddy called out, “Did you see, Ameera? Come back and take it from my bag.” She rushed back, excitedly retrieving her desired item. It seemed like holding a mobile phone was a joyous occasion for her, as her hair bounced with excitement.

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