KAREN BANA  Complete Document Written By Ammey Lailah


**Federal Capital Territory, Abuja**

The collective sentiment among national security officers mirrors that of the people following the abduction of Honorable Kashim Baba and Akai.

The shocking kidnapping of Honorable Kashim Baba, where assailants seized not only his residence but also the mosque adjacent to it, has deeply unsettled the community. Those who once prayed alongside Kashim Baba now find themselves bewildered by this brazen act.

The news of the kidnapping spread like wildfire, dominating newspapers, television broadcasts, and radio waves.

Meanwhile, the only commotion outside Kashim Baba’s residence was the frantic rush to aid Hajiya Ummah Diamon, who lay unconscious inside. Amidst the chaos, Jaabit, renowned for his tearful outbursts but lacking in awareness, stood bewildered.

As the news of the kidnapping reverberated through the Federal Capital District, Abuja, it became a topic of discussion across various media platforms.

**Nigerian Army Headquarters, Abuja**

The Nigerian Army base bustled with activity as soldiers and support staff hustled about. Their primary objective: to maintain order and secure victory in their endeavors.

Amidst the flurry of activity, a grand Lexus sedan loomed large, surrounded by soldiers armed and ready. Despite the formidable presence, the soldiers remained vigilant, prepared to defend against any threat to their charge, even at the cost of their lives.

In a matter of moments, a distinguished figure emerged from the vehicle, adorned in military attire. Lieutenant General Maleek Taufiq, an epitome of discipline and commitment to his country, strode purposefully toward the main assembly area.

As soldiers attempted to confront him, they found themselves unable to meet his gaze, such was the aura of authority he exuded. Lieutenant General Maleek Taufiq, revered as a man among men, commanded respect through his dedication and integrity.

**High-Level Meeting Room**

Inside the expansive meeting chamber, the elite of the country and top politicians convened for a crucial discussion.

Conversations escalated, tensions simmered, as individuals grappled with weighty matters.

“Hahhaji Atiku, advocating for his demise is a perilous proposition, given his resilience. We’ve attempted his elimination before. We cannot afford exposure,” Ibrahim nera cautioned.

Isa Tanbuwal echoed, “We are all implicated. It’s imperative we tread cautiously. A mishap may not dissuade him. We mustn’t arouse suspicion.”

“Indeed,” chimed another.

“Engineering his demise is perilous. His intellect surpasses our schemes. He’ll navigate any trap,” warned Isa, his words carrying grave implications.

With their fate entwined, they deliberated over their next move.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant General Maleek Toufiq’s arrival drew attention as he strode purposefully toward the soldiers’ compound.

As he saluted, including IHSAN FANDALLAH, the solemnity of his demeanor was palpable. There was an air of anticipation as Maleek received files from Joy, his aide. El-basher’s gaze caught Maleek’s, revealing a hidden turmoil within.

In the corridor leading to his office, Maleek felt the weight of responsibility. As he entered, invoking divine blessings, Ihsan, a figure from his past, greeted him. Despite her warm welcome, a sense of melancholy lingered in Ihsan’s heart, uncertain of Maleek’s resolve.

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