KAIDIN MACE BOOK 1 Complete Document Written By Ashanty Love


“Hey, Neehal! Neehal!”

Ramlat’s voice shattered my thoughts, slicing through the air. I swiftly pivoted to face her. “What are you doing? We’ve already arrived,” I snapped, glancing at the towering edifice before us. The sign read A&E INDUSTRIES, with a massive advertisement plastered on its side. A knot of apprehension tightened in my stomach as I worried about blending in with the crowd inside. My attire felt inadequate for such a place, its drabness contrasting sharply with the surroundings. Our leader’s voice interrupted my musings, urging us to descend. As he chattered on, I couldn’t help but wonder if he grasped the gravity of our situation. Suppressing a sigh, I motioned for Ramlat to hold her tongue, a silent plea in my eyes.

The accusation of violence stung; it was unfounded, a misunderstanding. It was evident he spoke from a place of ignorance, his words betraying a lack of insight. I mustered a polite smile, addressing him with a query about the fee. His response dripped with disdain, mocking my financial standing. Ignoring the slight, I proffered five hundred naira in gratitude before making my way towards the entrance. Ramlat’s fury simmered, her glare burning into my back, but I maintained my composure, refusing to be drawn into conflict.

Inside, the building loomed large, its immensity overwhelming. At the reception, Ramlat took charge, while I observed the impeccably dressed woman behind the desk, a pang of self-consciousness washing over me. I greeted her meekly, seeking directions to the interview area. With a curt response, she pointed towards the elevator, and I hurriedly made my way there, accompanied by another passenger whose demeanor bordered on rudeness.

The elevator ride was tense, the anticipation palpable. Stepping out into the interview room, I felt a wave of unease wash over me, surrounded by a sea of hopeful faces. Seating myself quietly, I remained inconspicuous amidst the bustling crowd. Time crawled by, my nerves escalating with each passing minute. Finally, my name was called, jolting me from my reverie. With trepidation, I followed the summons, entering the CEO’s office.

Seated across from her desk, I waited anxiously as she perused my documents. As she turned to face me, I was taken aback to see a woman instead of the expected man. Her youthful appearance belied her authority, and I couldn’t help but admire her poise. With a smile, she reviewed my credentials, initiating a conversation that stirred memories of a bygone era.

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