In the afternoon, Kano City was enveloped in a cool breeze, reminiscent of the onset of the monsoon season. The chilly wind provided relief to every living being in the town. It painted a picture of green leaves swaying and people’s clothes billowing as they strolled about, dancing and moving with a sense of happiness and vigor.

Alhaji Bakura, a man in his early forties, cruised through the streets in the comfort of his INFINITI EX 32 SUV, a sleek gray (silver) vehicle. He had been enjoying the cool air within the car, courtesy of its efficient air conditioning system. Now, he rolled down the windows and allowed the refreshing wind to caress his face. He found himself in an unusually joyous mood, and a quick glance at his beaming countenance would confirm it. The soft tunes of D’an Kwairon, playing gently from his car’s radio, added to his delight.

A woman, burdened with her own solitude and woes, would find herself taking a second look at Bakura. He was a remarkably handsome man, his features a testament to God’s exquisite craftsmanship. He stood tall, his skin smooth and radiant, his hair neatly groomed, and his nose elegantly proportioned above small, piercing eyes. His lips formed a straight line, revealing a set of beautifully aligned teeth, and he had fine, narrow nostrils above and below them, all of which stood out against his rich, dark complexion.

Despite the natural beauty bestowed upon him by the Creator, Bakura’s impeccable personal hygiene and style accentuated his attractiveness. His clothing spoke of affluence and luxury, its comfort evident in the way it draped over his body.

Bakura’s captivating presence was not limited to his appearance. He was a man of wealth and renown, both in his own country and abroad, thanks to his successful business ventures. In addition to worldly knowledge, he possessed a deep understanding of the Quran, having attained a master’s degree in Engineering alongside his religious education.

One glance at the fine fabrics adorning Bakura would reveal their opulence. The scent of his cologne lingered in any space he occupied for more than thirty minutes, leaving an indelible impression.

Bakura, originally from Maiduguri, had a distinct look that hinted at his Kanuri heritage. He bore tribal markings on his forehead and two scars on his cheeks, remnants of a traditional practice. Though the markings had faded over time, a closer inspection would reveal their presence.

Known for his cheerful demeanor and love for humor, Bakura enjoyed making people laugh when he was in the mood. However, he also had his moments of seriousness, and during such times, no one could coax a smile from him. He had established clear rules for his family and those under his care, expecting them to adhere to these guidelines for a peaceful coexistence. Bakura abhorred disrespect, indiscipline, and a lack of self-control. He placed great importance on his faith, ensuring it was not neglected in his household.

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