KADDARAR RAYUWARMU 1 Complete Document Written By Rabe’ah Shu’aib Na baba


Since they loomed over her, their presence cast a shadow of misery upon her. She avoided their gaze for an extended period, but eventually succumbed to tears. Sumy remarked, “Did you see her pocketing the money?” Sury chimed in, “Well, who else could have taken it but her? She’s capable of stealing. If she’s shedding tears now, I’d say she’s trying to play innocent. But today, she won’t escape; she owes me money. I’m tired of this daily thievery. She’s the culprit, and I’m sorry, but today she won’t get away without paying me.” Sufy concluded, “I’ve said it enough. Let’s confront her about it. It seems she hasn’t learned from what happened last year.”

Agreeing with Sufy’s suggestion, they left the classroom. However, Rumana’s voice halted them as they were about to exit. “Stop,” she commanded. They froze in their tracks, neither advancing nor retreating.

Rumana approached them and said, “If you’re taking their money and returning it, do you not feel any remorse? Remember the beating Ittale gave you. You need to give them their money back. I don’t want to see you endure any more punishment.”

Reluctantly, she handed the new 1000 note to Rumana. Full of frustration and sadness, Rumana accepted it and went to return it to the others. Suby hesitated, refusing to be part of the confrontation. She walked away, lost in her thoughts.

Sitting with her head bowed and crying, Suby was left to contemplate the state of her heart.

Ran’kwashi Suby criticized her, “You’re a loser. I’m tired of being associated with your actions. Is this the life you chose? You have privileges, yet you’ve opted for a life of theft, bringing only poverty and humiliation. Don’t assume I won’t inform Abba just because you didn’t take my money today. I already told him, and he thinks you’re still here. It’s embarrassing for him.” With that, her friends departed.

Realizing that her encounter with Abba would not be pleasant, Suby burst into tears. Rumana looked at her with sympathy, acknowledging the difficult life she was enduring.

At 1:00 pm, after school, Suby stood at the gate waiting for her ride. Suby and her friends were picked up in a car, and they headed towards the welcome school, a considerable distance away.

Upon reaching Suby’s house, Hamid was about to come out. She hesitated and hugged him for comfort. Looking at her, he said, “HANAH, did you stop me? I won’t stop you from shedding tears.” She replied, “Oh Yaya, he sheds tears, and my body bleeds. Only he can make me feel cold in my heart. I just need your prayers.” Ignoring his response, she hurried into the house, knowing the consequences if seen with him. Hamid shook his head with compassion before entering his own house.

Inside, Suby woke up her family, but they only bid her goodbye without much interaction. She collapsed on the bed, cried, thanked God, and then headed to the toilet.

Later, he stood by his room’s window, patrolling, when his mother touched his shoulder upon his return. Startled, he turned around to find her looking afraid. She expressed concern, “Ah, Alhaji, you’re depriving yourself of sleep over a boy who doesn’t care about us. I can hear you getting sick.”

He replied, “Take care of yourself, Hajiya. That’s what’s bothering you and preventing your sleep. You just need to tell me. If we don’t worry about him, who will? We have no parents to look after him. Let us be with him, and God owns us. When will we sleep without worrying about the condition of our children?”

As they were about to discuss further, a familiar horn sounded – *HAISAM*. They knew it was him, and the guard, Baba, opened the gate. However, Haisam rushed away as soon as he arrived, leaving Baba stunned.

Exiting the car, Haisam stumbled and seemed disoriented. He reached his parents’ doorstep while crossing the road. His parents could only shake their heads in sadness. Daddy couldn’t help but kiss the ground, as if seeing him in such a state for the first time.

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