The famous and talented young female journalist hosting a program on Pyramid TV is Aisha Ahmad Turaki. She is currently presenting a report on the Bode Kafatara ceremony on Zaria Road, featuring the impressive Bagauda House. The building is renowned for its unique design, boasting 500 stories, and it has captured the attention of dignitaries who are awaiting the arrival of the governor.

During the program, Faisal expressed his admiration for Aisha to his friend, Sagir. He admired her not only for her beauty but also for her confidence and professionalism. Sagir encouraged Faisal to express his feelings to her, emphasizing the importance of taking action if he truly cares for her.

As the program continued, the governor arrived at the ceremony, and Aisha had the opportunity to interview Kabeer Mohd Bagauda, the managing director of Bagauda Trading Company Limited and the youngest multi-billionaire. Aisha asked Kabeer about his feelings on the opening of this unique building, and he expressed his gratitude and happiness. He also thanked viewers for their support and good wishes.

Zee, one of the classmates, was excited to see Kabeer’s smiling face during the interview. She playfully suggested that Kabeer was smiling because he was in love with Aisha. The classmates discussed Zee’s enthusiasm and speculated about Aisha’s feelings for Kabeer, joking that she might be secretly married to him in her heart.

It seems like Aisha’s charisma and professionalism have made her a popular figure on Pyramid TV, and viewers are curious about her personal life, particularly her connection with Kabeer Mohd Bagauda.

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