In a town in the East, there lived a man named SAHABI and his wife, MURJANATU. They resided in a farmhouse and, while not extremely wealthy, they were comfortable. They owned some livestock and cultivated farms. However, there was one thing that cast a shadow over their happiness—the absence of an heir. Despite their efforts over the years, they had been unable to conceive a child.

Their prayers were finally answered when Murjanatu became pregnant. The joy that filled their hearts was immeasurable. They eagerly began preparations for the baby’s arrival, with Sahabi making arrangements for the bath.

As Murjanatu’s pregnancy progressed, Sahabi was working in the fields behind their house one day when he heard a strange noise—a voice calling out “Ayyururui… Ayyururui…” repeated three times. Dropping his hoe, Sahabi rushed back to the house, hoping for the best. To his delight, he discovered that Murjanatu had gone into labor.

Their friends and neighbors gathered to celebrate the birth of their child, whom they named ELIYA. As Eliya grew, it became apparent that he had a disability—he was paralyzed in both legs and one arm. Despite this challenge, he was raised with love and care by his parents, who were deeply saddened by his condition.

Eliya’s parents provided for his needs, but he was confined to his bed, unable to move without assistance. His parents had nearly given up hope of him ever walking. One day, when they were away at the farm, Eliya, left alone in the house, pondered his condition and what he would do if he had the use of his legs.

Suddenly, he heard a voice saying, “Salamu alaikum, salamu alaikum!” Eliya responded with, “Alaikas Salamu.” To his amazement, three individuals entered the room, dressed like Arabs. They greeted him with joy, and Eliya couldn’t help but wonder if these were the same people he had heard about, traveling from town to town, spreading their teachings.

The visitors inquired if there was any food available, and Eliya assured them there was plenty. He invited them to partake in the food and explained his condition, mentioning that he had never been able to leave his room, let alone greet guests.

One of the visitors fetched water, prayed over it, and gave it to Eliya, instructing him to wash his face and body. As soon as Eliya followed the instructions, a miracle occurred—his paralysis disappeared, and he regained full use of his limbs. He was overjoyed and could hardly believe the transformation in his body.

Eliya, with his newfound strength, eagerly got up from his bed and stood before the astonished visitors. He thanked them profusely, and they encouraged him to have faith in the HOLY KING GOD, follow His commandments, and accomplish great deeds for his country. They assured him that he would be renowned throughout the land, and no one would surpass him in this world, except for one individual named WARGAJI, whom he should avoid fighting at all costs.

The visitors then urged Eliya to make up his mind and head to Birnin Kib, advising him not to squander his energy in the fields, gardens, or forests along the way. Eliya was initially bewildered but regained his senses upon reaching his destination. He thanked God for the miraculous transformation and proceeded to visit his parents on their farm.

Eliya found his parents fast asleep after a day of hard work. Feeling mischievous, he took an axe and cut a large weeping branch that cast a shadow over them. The noise of the falling branch didn’t wake them, and Eliya decided to play a prank on them. He fixed their remaining axes onto a tree, hid, and laughed, thinking they would search for their tools when they woke up.

When his parents finally awoke, it was under the blazing sun, and they were shocked to discover their axes missing, unaware that Eliya had orchestrated the playful deception.

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