JIHADI  Complete Document Written By Sameera Harouna


It appears that her essence is consumed by the burden in her demeanor. Glancing at the clock repeatedly, she eventually directed her attention to the bathroom door, embarking on a lengthy journey. In a hushed tone, she muttered, “this wulak,” insinuating that she had spent an excessively long time bathing. A remark followed, deeming her a destitute person as she was handed a seemingly useless towel.

Again checking the clock, she anticipated her return, only to hear the bathroom door open. Despite her dignity, she seemed to carry herself with a weight upon her, as if trampling over her own being. The attendant approached, adorning her with towels and applying oil to her face. Dressed in modern attire, she emerged as a vision of beauty, completing her ensemble with accessories. Leaving the room, she asserted her independence, ready to face the world.

Chasing after her, someone proclaimed, “This is my abode. Your spouse or employer should cater to such services for you.”

She meticulously arranged the room as if expecting the owner’s inspection, closing the door behind her. Seated at the dining table without acknowledging others, she was served, but not without disdain. Rejecting the offered food with a hint of scorn, she declared, “I won’t dine like you; I have my dignity.”

Ignoring the offer to start the meal, she feigned exhaustion, prompting her mother’s inquiry. Dismissing concerns, she retreated to her room, the frustration evident in her tears. Unfazed, her father advised her to cease worrying about such matters.

Later, he apologized and promised to change, but she redirected her dissatisfaction towards the man beside him. Exiting, she expressed her grievances, vowing not to view him as a person until the end of his self-imposed deadline.

In another scenario, before engaging in various activities, Masinger treated her to a dish of fried minced meat, onion juice, and mustard on fritte. Habiba served strong tea with honey as she commenced a new fasting feast. Politely interrupted, she was informed that the manager wished to see her, leading to anxious anticipation as they approached, and she gestured for them to take a seat.

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