JEJI GIRL  Complete Document Written By Autar Alheri


A car journeying through the dense jungle from Lagos to Ibadan trudged along slowly, its passengers inside, taking their time, enjoying the camaraderie. As the vehicle lumbered onward, the countryside seemed to mirror their unhurried pace.

In the midst of their leisurely walk, the young girl and the woman, cutting through the thicket, found themselves in a perilous situation. Amidst the tension, the captain of the group smiled, prompting the car to park on the roadside. Their mirth echoed through the town, causing ripples of laughter that quivered in the air. Despite the car’s departure, darkness enveloped the city, the night frigid and desolate.

They continued their journey, treading a long path. The woman glanced at her husband and mused, “I don’t know about you, but I’m not keen on traveling at night. Ido, Ido, Ido. Let’s settle for a light dinner; that ramen was quite heavy, and I’m feeling a bit bloated.”

The following morning, as the first light of day began to illuminate the surroundings, they spotted a baby girl lying next to a sizable body of water, likely washed ashore by the tide. The young girl was distraught, her legs flailing as she wept. Suddenly, a large crocodile emerged from the water, its hunger evident in its early morning gaze. Elephants ambled over to drink from the nearby stream, while a colossal gorilla perched atop a tree, observing the girl intently. The area seemed to transform into a menagerie of wild beasts, each creature drawn to her presence as if she were their sovereign. Even the lions gathered around, drawn by her essence and the grace bestowed upon her.

Then, in a moment, a blinding light materialized, startling every living being present. Fear consumed them all, as it does in the face of the unknown. As quickly as it had appeared, the light vanished, leaving behind an aura of uncertainty.

In the wake of this ephemeral brilliance, the creatures encircled the girl, their gaze fixated upon her. A commotion ensued, the ground trembling beneath them. In the frenzy, the girl struggled, her movements akin to a dance of desperation. An elephant, with its trunk, gingerly removed her clothes and the towel that had covered her, leaving her exposed. Swiftly, it gathered her into its grasp, holding her securely as the others observed, unable to intervene.

Ascending the lofty boughs of an orange tree, she found refuge, her fragile form nestled in the safety of its branches. Each creature, though eager to protect her, hesitated to reach out, mindful of their differences. They formed a protective barrier around the tree, keeping a watchful eye on their newfound charge.

Resolutely, they carried her back to where she had initially met her companions, threading their way through the dense wilderness.

Meanwhile, by the vast expanse of the Lagos Sea, stood a young man, approximately 22 years of age.


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