“Wow, so you’re going to persist in this matter? Taking it upon yourself to judge and condemn him? Do you really believe that he has the power to decide someone’s life? Is that fair?”

I looked at my sister, my eyes filled with disbelief, and said, “Now, for the love of God, look into my eyes and tell me that. Are you one of those who accuse Ahmad of killing his wives? Thank you. It would be better if you came out and expressed what’s truly in your heart. But let me tell you one thing. My son is not a drunkard, he is not bloodthirsty, and he is not capable of committing any heinous crimes that would harm our family.” As she wiped her tears away, her words carried a hint of bitterness.

“That’s not what I meant… I was just going to tell you to come here before I lose my temper and slap you! By God, you’re only spreading baseless accusations!” Hajiya interrupted her sister angrily.

With tears streaming down her face, she grabbed her belongings and covered her face. What kind of test was this? What burden was being placed on her child? What was happening? These were unanswered questions.

He watched as the calls kept coming one after another, but his body couldn’t bear the weight, and he felt a sickness creeping over him. When he finally answered the phone, he realized that you had stopped calling, and he lost his composure, unable to speak.

The way her voice calmed down as she lowered it was both soothing and chilling. “Oh, Doctor, I don’t know why you called me like this. But why did you call me ‘Son of God’?”

“Fatima is fine, by the way, I have a fever. Why are you silent? I’ll call you back later. Is there something worrying you right now?”

Her voice filled with concern, she started to say, “Thank God, may God protect her. Did you inform Hajiya? Did you stop taking the medication? Hello, Son of God, stop the medication and go to bed. You will find a solution. God willing, everything will be fine. I’ll ask you about it when you wake up. I can see that time is running out. But go to bed. I’ll call you later, God willing.”

He hung up the phone, covered himself with a blanket, and felt a sense of pity for her.


“God has witnessed how you are humiliating my aunt, for the love of God, what is this? I am a man, and I demand that you ask me directly if you have any doubts about my marriage. May God continue to expose your humiliation. I know what you call him. May God expose what you call me. But someone said no!!!”

She closed her mouth, her eyes brimming with tears.

“Get up and leave. You’re only going to make me angrier. By the way, your words are like a den of snakes.”

I stood up, filled with anger. It pained me deeply to witness my brother’s persistence in this matter.

“Ma’am, you still haven’t said anything. Son of God, please investigate as you promised. By God, I can’t sleep well right now, knowing that a life may be at stake.”

Yajima looked at her as if he didn’t understand anything. Then he started speaking. “Do you understand what I mean? All the rumors that have been circulating about this house are baseless. Ahmad’s wives didn’t die because of him. He only has two children, and they are in their mother’s care. There is no relationship between him and Fatima. God willing, I will marry her with His blessings, and I have another good news for you. If Fatima passes away, I will marry Aisha. Even after she’s gone, I won’t change my stance.”

She cried, placing her hands on him, staring at him, truly wondering what her husband’s intentions were. She never imagined that he would harm her or the rest of their lives.

“Glory be to God, sir! If you do this, I love my daughter. I can’t bear the thought of losing her. Sir, if this is your decision, hear my words: God will choose someone else.”

“Stop right there! We are witnessing each other, by the way.”

As they reached the living room, she went to her room while the children looked at her with fearful eyes.

Fatima, with wet hands from washing the dishes, covered her mother’s back.

Calmly, she sat next to her, tightly clasping her hands, her words heavy, “Mom, please, Son of God, stop this crying. It’s making us anxious. We’re not used to this violence.”

“Fati, it’s the people who have caused me suffering! All those who have brought this tragedy upon me. You know who you’re going to marry, but your mind is clouded. Do you want me to lose you? Do you want my heart to ache with sorrow? Do you know how many wives he has had, all of them dead? I will do this, son. If you don’t have a job, go and tell your father that you’ve ended the engagement. I’ll gather some money and send you to Dan’s house. I’m not prepared to see you suffer.”

She held her head, crying out of worry. But her love for Ahmad persisted, and she wondered where her mother acquired such knowledge from Sam’s words.

As I stood by the door, wiping away my tears, I entered the room.

“For God’s sake, Mom, please stop saying that you’ll leave us when you’re gone. We’ll stay together, won’t we? I’m sorry.”

In a loud voice, she said, “Get out! Leave!”

She put on her hijab and slipped on her socks. She glanced at her father’s room, then looked at him and said, “I’m going home.”

He looked at her in surprise, but Dan had already left, and the fear of what she might do next started to consume him. Wherever she took Fatima, his daughter, it would be a home. He had received a gift from a servant, a symbol that her marriage to Ahmad was not a theft. And when she passes away, he will replace her with Aisha. He will deny believing in fate.

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