JARUMA YAZILA Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini


In a bygone era, there existed a small village named Himsarul Aswad in the country of Kisra. It was situated in the western region of the city of Kisra, adjacent to the city of Rum. The inhabitants of Himsarul Aswad were predominantly farmers, blessed with fertile lands, unlike the other cities in Kisra which lacked agricultural prosperity. Among the villagers, there was a man named Hukairu, who was originally the brother of the village chief. However, due to their differing opinions and behavior, Hukairu decided to reside near his farm in the forest.

Meanwhile, the village chief of Himsarul Aswad, known as Barzuk, was a tyrant who oppressed the rights of the poor. He exploited his power as the king of Kisra to fulfill his desires, while Hukairu and Barzuk shared a resemblance in terms of their physical appearance. Additionally, Barzuk’s wife was named Nuzaira, and Hukairu’s wife was Humaira. Both Humaira and Nuzaira were deeply in love, to the extent that they got married despite their separation from their respective spouses.

Hukairu and Humaira decided to migrate to the village of Himsarul Aswad, whereas Hukairu and Nuzaira faced difficulties due to their close bond. They were saddened by the separation but cried together nonetheless. Humaira pleaded with Nuzaira, saying that she couldn’t bear to be apart from her, and offered to become their maidservant. However, Hukairu assured Humaira that they wouldn’t be separated and acknowledged the unjust treatment of the poor by Barzuk.

Meanwhile, Nuzaira also expressed her love for Hukairu and her unwillingness to part with him. She emphasized her desire to stay by his side and care for him, reassuring him that she wouldn’t entertain any other thoughts. Nuzaira’s loyalty and love for Hukairu were unshakeable. Both Hukairu and Nuzaira shared moments of grief and affection, seeking solace in each other’s presence.

Eventually, they decided to part ways, with Hukairu returning to the forest and Humaira residing in the village. Their separation was accompanied by tears and deep emotional turmoil. However, they held onto the hope of reuniting in the future. Hukairu built a house in the forest, while Humaira stayed in the village of Himsarul Aswad. Despite the distance, their love remained strong.

In Himsarul Aswad, Nuzaira faced challenging circumstances due to her pregnancy. She sought refuge in the house and was comforted by the support of her fellow villagers. Hukairu, on the other hand, lived in solitude, working tirelessly on his farm. His thoughts were consumed by memories of Humaira, longing for the day they would be together again.

Time passed, and Nuzaira’s pregnancy progressed. Her health deteriorated, and she experienced the pains of childbirth. Hukairu, aware of her condition, yearned to be by her side. Meanwhile, Nuzaira found solace in the presence of her fellow villagers, who supported her during this challenging time.

Finally, the day of Nuzaira’s delivery arrived. Hukairu rushed to her side, anxious and overwhelmed with emotions. He held her hand tightly and provided comfort during the difficult labor. After a long and arduous process, Nuzaira gave birth to their child, a moment of both joy and relief. In that moment, they experienced the purest form of happiness, cherishing the miracle of life.

Thus, Hukairu and Humaira’s love story endured, overcoming the trials and hardships they faced. Their unwavering devotion and the bond they shared served as a testament to the power of love and the resilience of the human spirit.

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