JAMI’IN DAN SANDA Complete Document Written By Maman Yusuf


She weeps profusely, though she’s merely six months old—a remarkably beautiful girl with a resemblance to an English child. The tears flow ceaselessly. Surprisingly, a young man, perhaps no older than 30 or 32, holds her in his arms. Since the girl’s cries began and she collapsed, he remained helpless for more than thirty minutes. The resonance of the girl’s cry touched him deeply; he could feel it echoing in his soul.

Gradually lifting his tear-filled, bulging eyes, Saida was astonished at the sight of him. He exuded the aura of a first-class man—strong, with a body displaying visible signs of power.

Lowering his gaze to the girl, he gently started to shake her. Retrieving a small piece of bamboo from his bag, he inserted it into the girl’s mouth. Like an intelligent moon, she fixed her gaze on him, and their eyes locked. Slowly, warm tears began to cascade down his face.

“I will not forgive. I will never forgive the one who endangered my life. Even if it costs me my life, I will seek revenge. This is a promise.”

“I won’t give you Muneeba until you make two promises. First, vow never to seek revenge. Second, promise to keep your job as a police officer. If not, I won’t return your daughter. Hisham, it’s better for her to die,” he finished, the pain evident as she bled.

Her eyes returned to Masa’s ear as she uttered to him. Holding his head, he turned to her, as if about to voice something, his heart aching. However, he wasn’t there, and she broke into tears in shock.

Lifting the little girl in his arms from Jakarshi, he continued walking through the vast and perilous forest, unfazed by fear. Muneeba lay peacefully on his back, fast asleep.

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