While doing the laundry, she hurried to finish her chores so she could attend school. Suddenly, she heard the sound of a bowl hitting someone, and a sharp pain struck her waist as tears welled up in her eyes. Haneefa, her sister, stood nearby, instructing her to wash the food bowl so they could eat and go to school, insisting it wasn’t appropriate to delay. Frustrated by their rudeness, she questioned who excelled in school and who was more suited for it among them. In response, her father-figure sternly grabbed her shirt collar and scolded her, saying she wasn’t doing enough.


The sadness deepened upon realizing her mother was being mistreated. She despised her mother’s abuse, knowing she was no longer alive. She decided to reveal one more thing but was interrupted by the sound of a beating behind her, undoubtedly from Gwaggo. Haneefa, their mother, fearful, warned them that if they continued fighting and missed school, there would be consequences. Gwaggo’s tears began to flow, and seeing this, she was frightened into silence by the impending punishment.


Gwaggo threatened to force her to study the entire lesson if she didn’t resume work. This distracted her from Gwaggo’s torment, putting a pause on her studies. As she watched them eat, they displayed anger, tossed a bowl her way, and cruelly laughed before heading to school. Innah Gaje, who was also her father’s wife, emerged, and she felt like an outsider in her own home when compared to the teachers she followed. 


Innah Gaje took a bowl and loaded it with her belongings, but after a long delay in her room, she returned and devoured the meal. When they shared family food, there was no harmony, and Gwaggo and Inna were excluded from the planning. The food should have been mixed for everyone to enjoy together. In the courtyard, their father was engaged in a heated argument with a teacher, causing her to shake her head in pity as she walked past.

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