In a big and elegant living room, a group of children, seemingly from a rural background, marveled at the beauty and grandeur of the house. One of them remarked, “The lady of this house must be very happy. Look at this house; it’s like she built it herself. It’s like a paradise on earth.”

Hajiya Adama, seemingly the one in charge, scolded the children and urged them to be quiet, reminding them that they were in the house of women who might not appreciate the noise. She emphasized that they should focus on their work and save any money they earned until her return.

Just then, the lady of the house emerged. She was strikingly beautiful, adorned in an expensive lace outfit that hinted at its exorbitant cost. Even before she sat down, Hajiya Adama respectfully greeted her. The woman, despite her beauty and wealth, responded with humility.

As the lady of the house settled in, she introduced the children who had come to work. Among them was Ummita, a Shuwa Arab girl, and her sister Khairat. The lady greeted them warmly and expressed her gratitude for their presence.

Ummita couldn’t help but stare at the woman, still somewhat shocked by her beauty and elegance. She wondered if it was even possible for someone like her to be the wife of this house.

The lady’s daughter, a beautiful girl herself, entered the room but paid no attention to Ummita. She hugged her mother, and it was evident from their resemblance that they were mother and daughter. The girl looked at Ummita and Khairat curiously, asking her mother about them in a childlike whisper.

Ummita couldn’t help but marvel at the girl’s cuteness and wondered if anyone would dare to mistreat such a lovely child. The girl addressed Ummita, introducing herself as Zahra Muhammad Aliyu.

Hajiya Adama was overjoyed because she knew the story of the lady and the girl. Zahra, also known as Baby, was not the biological daughter of this woman. Her mother had passed away during childbirth, and Halima, her aunt, had raised her. When Halima married Baby’s father, she continued to care for the child as her own. Baby’s father had eventually given Halima the means to thank Hajiya Adama for her help.

Baby enthusiastically welcomed Ummita and Khairat, expressing her love for her “sisters” and her affection for her “mommy.” She also showed a picture and professed her love for the man in it, although Ummita found him less appealing due to the story surrounding him.

The encounter left Ummita both curious and cautious about the family’s dynamics, especially considering the complexity of their relationships and the striking differences in their appearances and backgrounds.

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