The Waziri continued, “Indeed, O King, the beauty of this princess is unparalleled, and her virtues are numerous. She possesses grace and charm that can captivate anyone’s heart. Her eyes are as dark as the night, her countenance radiates brightness, and she carries herself with an air of majesty. Her presence leaves people in awe; her beauty is such that it surpasses the radiance of rubies and gold, shining like the moon itself.

Her laughter is accompanied by the glimmer of her teeth, and her figure is molded with such perfection that it can only be compared to the lightning’s elegant form. Many suitors have sought her hand in marriage, but none could win her over. She is like the enchanting verse of a poet, leaving men utterly captivated:

She was a beautiful leper,
Radiant as wine, her face shining with grace.
The moon’s glow pales beside her,
Outshining rubies and gold, lighting up the place.
Her laughter reveals flashing teeth so white,
Her figure, like lightning, sculpted just right.
Countless suitors met their fate’s decree,
When they gazed upon her, they became weak like me.

Oh, King, this maiden is the embodiment of beauty and grace, and she holds a distinguished position among her peers. If you desire to marry her, I shall convey your proposal to the King of Farar, Zaharshahu. Let him know of your intentions, and perhaps, with the will of God, you shall achieve your dream.”

The king, deeply moved by the description of the princess’s beauty, requested that his vizier promptly initiate the marriage proposal. He longed for the chance to marry a princess who possessed not only incomparable beauty but also virtues that enchanted the hearts of those who encountered her. His heart brimmed with hope that his dream might soon become a reality.

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