HAFSATUL IKRAAM Complete Document Written By Meenal Gumel


“Her gaze was fixated on the collar of his suit coat, and Abhi noticed her, but he remained silent. A pang of jealousy surged through him for a moment as he saw her crying, her emotions pouring out, her vulnerability laid bare as she sat on the side of the bed.

He felt sorry for her. He never wanted this marriage, never liked it, and couldn’t bear the thought of going along with his mother’s wishes to marry this particular person. He knew his mother’s wrath would befall him if he resisted, but he wondered if she would ever show any compassion towards him.

Abruptly, Abhi opened the window, his anger evident. “Watch your words, Azeezah! You’re crossing a line that I cannot tolerate. I don’t agree with this!” he exclaimed, his emotions running high. Tears welled up in Azeezah’s eyes as she looked at him with a pained smile. She couldn’t bear the burden any longer and abruptly left the room, everything behind.

Outside, Abhi approached his mother, who was seated in the Ranger Rover, with the driver waiting at the wheel. The car door was opened for him, and he got in. As the driver started the car, he honked the horn, signaling his departure from the house.

Back in the house, Abhi’s mother wore a less dark green and red dress, with a red hijab and a medical glass. Her eyes seemed content with life, but underneath the surface, money seemed to dictate everything. Abhi let go of his mother’s hand and sank onto the couch, his heart heavy.

Ana was about to lead them to their house, but Abhi stopped her and shouted loudly, “AREEF! That’s enough! Do you want Mommy to kill you?” He looked at her, smiled, and parked the car by the side of the road. He glanced at her, as if to say, “This shout is just like you, my love. I don’t know why I let it get to me.” She playfully crossed her arms over her chest and pouted her beautiful lips, prompting a laugh from Abhi. They resumed their journey, with Dan running and calling after them.

Without looking back, she rushed into their house. Abhi smiled, and as he returned to the car, he couldn’t help but feel grateful for her presence in his life.

In their well-decorated parlor, she kept calling her mother, but she didn’t receive a response. The luxurious surroundings spoke of opulence, but the connection between mother and daughter was strained.

“Mum! Mum!” she called again.

Mary finally turned and looked at her, her gaze distant.

“Mom?” she said, hoping for a connection.

Hanya guided her to the kitchen without a word, and she followed her mother inside.

Embracing her from behind, she tried again, “Mom, I’m back!”

Her mother’s face remained expressionless, and she asked, “Have you had a good day?”

Feeling a mixture of emotions, she stood before her mother, wanting her to acknowledge her presence and the day she had. But her mother’s gaze remained unyielding, and she tried again, “Mom, I had a good day. Abhi was with me. Mom, he’s so nice!”

Her mother’s demeanor didn’t change, and she continued to stir the orange juice.

Feeling defeated, she placed her hand on her mother’s back and greeted her softly, “Hello, Mom.”

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