GWARZON SADAUKI Book 1 Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini


It is a fortress of flames, its walls towering sixty cubits high, impenetrable and daunting. Guarded by twelve hundred soldiers, it instills fear with their imposing presence and unwavering vigilance. Within this fiery prison, the inmates pass their time as best they can – some engage in games, others chat, while a few reflect on their predicament. Their respite is abruptly interrupted by the grinding sound of the massive door, a colossal structure spanning sixty feet, as it creaks open, echoing through the forest.

Forty soldiers usher in a young man, bound in heavy ropes, his demeanor surprisingly composed despite the gravity of his situation. His arrival sparks curiosity among the other inmates, who pause to observe this newcomer. Unlike typical criminals who arrive with remorse, his demeanor is one of calm resolve, a stark contrast to the despair usually seen within these walls.

Life within this prison is brutal; only the strongest endure. Food is scarce and distributed amidst chaos, with the powerful claiming their share first, leaving the weak to fend for themselves. Every day, the echoes of violence reverberate as prisoners clash, resulting in casualties. The soldiers, tasked with maintaining order, administer harsh beatings to those who transgress, relegating them to squalid cells filled with filth and misery.

As the leader of the prison forces, Gadaraz, approaches the new arrival, his imposing stature commands attention. Clad in steel armor, with swords strapped to his back, he exudes authority and menace. Addressing the young man, he welcomes him to the “house of death,” emphasizing the futility of escape and the consequences of disobedience. He outlines the nine rules governing life within the prison, warning of severe punishment for any infractions.

Interrupting the recitation of rules, the young man, Insam’s servant, asserts his defiance, refusing to heed their warnings. Despite the impending dangers, his defiance remains unyielding, setting the stage for a confrontation between the newcomer and the formidable forces of the prison.

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