In a neighborhood characterized by opulence and European-style houses, there stood a magnificent residence. It was evident from the exterior that the owner of this grand house was a wealthy man, known as Alhaji Sani, or Alherin Allah. He was a renowned businessman with interests spanning across countries and industries, boasting a fleet of companies and a collection of luxury cars.

Around the house, lush greenery abounded, with a guard’s room on one side and beautiful flower beds to the north and south. Graceful peacocks wandered freely through the garden.

The family of the house gathered on the balcony, a veritable paradise. However, they decided to venture out into the daylight. One of the young women turned to another named Diana and remarked, “Diana, you were supposed to spend the night, but your father has yet to emerge.”

Diana, touching her lips and blinking her striking white eyes framed by slender eyebrows, replied, “Mom, I didn’t want to come to this village, but my dad insisted we all visit.”

Another girl chimed in, her face wearing a sad expression, “Mom, this village is infested with mosquitoes, and it’s not clean.”

Diana sighed, “True, Afreeda, but let’s listen to them. Our best course of action might be to stay quiet and await the arrival of the homeowner.”

Once the owner of the house finally made his entrance, he appeared somewhat fatigued. The women watched him intently, and it was the mother who eventually smiled at him. Their father remarked, “Well, I’m here now.” Diana, noticing her mother’s dreamy expression, playfully kicked her feet, making Afreeda laugh.

It seemed that Afreeda could tolerate the village’s challenges, but Diana did not share her sentiment. Their father, unlike their mother, was not much of a talker.

Afreeda carried her handbag and a shopping bag that was evidently hers. The mother rose from her seat and descended the steps in the center of the room. It didn’t take long before she returned with a bag, presumably for the baby’s bed, which she handed to Diana. Diana opened the window to inspect its contents and found expensive creams, shoes, and exquisite clothing. The assortment even included perfumes. Diana touched her lips, pondering, and then said, “Mom, who should we give these clothes to? I mean, whose granny?”

Diana nodded without saying a word, and they departed with Afreeda. Observing their journey, one might mistake them for the offspring of royalty. Diana’s countenance remained somber because her father was in the car, engrossed in a phone call that provided the opportunity for conversation. Afreeda remarked, “Aunty Diana, you seem to be well-acquainted with the people of this village.” Diana raised her head and replied, “I’ll get used to it eventually, won’t I?” Afreeda chuckled.

While her father sat at the back, Diana tried to sit beside him, attempting to catch a glimpse of his eyes in her ear. Leaning against the seat, she blinked expectantly. The driver returned to the car, and they set off on the road to the village.


Shafa Village was a place where houses were haphazardly clustered, and the residents came from various walks of life. Most of the houses had roofs, but the state of the walls was largely neglected.

Diana fell into a peaceful slumber, oblivious to their arrival in the village. As they navigated through the village, they encountered a sign that managed to stir her from her sleep, filling her with trepidation. She couldn’t help but foresee an ominous future.

Upon reaching their destination, Diana decided to perform her prayers. However, given the state of the village, she refrained from touching her hair. Her father remarked, “I’ve been waiting for this day for five days.” Diana, still half-asleep, wondered if they had arrived. She raised her head and turned to look at her father, who was gathering his phones on the car seat. “Have we arrived?” she inquired. Her father responded with a smile, “Yes, my daughter, today you’ll meet your grandmother.”

The driver stepped out of the car and opened the door for Diana. As she stepped out, she heard the voice of an elderly woman and opened her eyes to see who was approaching. It was an elderly lady with a weathered face, chewing on nuts and draped in a cloth. She warmly greeted Alhaji and Diana, who responded with a perplexed frown. “Let’s go inside,” Diana suggested.

The central area of the house had a cleared concrete floor, although some parts were cracked. Regardless, Diana gracefully lowered herself to the ground, and they began arranging their belongings there. Subsequently, they entered a room adorned with carpets but devoid of chairs. Hajiya, a young girl, extended a hand to Diana, who accepted it. Hajiya inquired, “Alhaji, where are you?”

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