GIDA BAI QOSHI BA Complete Document Written By Sakinat Usman


Our family’s origin traces back to a small village in Dutsimma, Katsina State. It is the ancestral home of my father, Alhaji Bishir Garhi, better known as ABG, who holds a prominent position as the Director General in the Ministry of Works in Abuja. Our family, known as the Gidansu family, is deeply rooted in the village.

Our family home, called “eleven 3,” has a rich history. My grandfather was one of seven siblings, all men, who carried on the family’s legacy. Sadly, their eldest sister, Haj Saude, passed away before getting married. Among his younger brothers, two have also left us. In total, we are four descendants of Sha3, may God rest their souls.

I have two brothers, Faruk and Abdullahi. Faruk has already completed his secondary school, and Abdullahi is currently in 4th grade. As for me, I’m just starting, wearing my uniform with uncertainty.

One day, while I was near the car, I heard a loud sound and was confused about what had happened. Apparently, a hair cooler fell, causing some chaos. My father came back from the office for lunch, and everyone was happy to see him, especially my brother Faruk, whom he playfully called a giant.

There’s been some tension between my brothers, but my mother urged us not to let it affect our hearts and friendships. Despite the challenges, we try to maintain unity within the family.

We have come a long way, and God has been with us every step of the journey. We cherish our family’s heritage and the memories of those who came before us. As we continue our lives, we hope to uphold the values passed down through generations.

Be with Us

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